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12 Volt LED Lights

Shop our 12V LED lights online today. We have Australia's largest lighting range. Our 12 Volt LED lights include wall lights, LED strip lights, spike lights, ground lights, bollard lights and solar lights. Applications for 12V LED lights include homes, gardens, fields, parks, paths, public walkways, hotels and driveways. See our low voltage garden lighting guide.

12 LED Lighting Tips

  • All 12 volt LED lights must be connected to a driver / transformer before being joined to the main current.
  • Your transformer's maximum rating should not be more than double the total wattage rating of your LED lights.
  • If your fitting takes a globe then its rating is defined by the rating of that globe.
  • Never connect low voltage LED lights whose total rating exceed the transformer.
  • There are multiple ways to connect 12 Volt LED lights, such as series, parallel, loop etc. Choose a method that suits your premises.
  • Step Lights | LED Exterior Eyelid Step Light - 12V Black
  • Light: STILETTO Low Voltage Garden Spike - BLACK
  • Shinto 12V Garden Bollard Black
  • Slimline 12V Stainless Path Light
  • Bollard Light - 12V 10W 670mm Stainless Steel
  • City Series: Paris LED Interior Picture Light - Satin Nickel Iron
  • Pleasing 12V Garden Spike Light Black
  • 12V LED Garden Spike Light - Anodised Finish / Body Only
  • 12V Garden Spotlight Spike Black DIY
  • Light: VISION Low Voltage Adjustable Garden Spike - STAINLESS STEEL
  • Accent 12V Garden Spotlight Spike Stainless Steel DIY
  • Charming LED Interior Wall Light - Tri-Adjustable Head
  • Ground Light - 12V Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel 20W MR16 IP67 120mm Square
  • Eco 6W Warm White LED MR16 Lamp - Twin Pack
  • Spike Light - High Output LED 12V 30W 2124lm 3000K
  • LED DIY 5 Metre Roll Strip Lighting - Warm White
  • Halogen Globe - 35W Warm White MR16 IRC
  • Wall Spotlight - 12V Adjustable 20W MR16 IP54 104mm Copper
  • Solar Flood Light With Remote Control - 700lm IP65 3000K 380mm Commercial Strength
  • Attractive Recessed Outdoor Wall Light 12V Square Stainless Steel
  • Rocco - Hooded Low Voltage Recessed Exterior Stainless
  • Outdoor Contemporary 1 Light Adjustable 12V LED Path Spike Light - Black
  • Five Pack 12V 3W LED Deck Lights - Stainless Steel Finish / White LED
  • Solar Wall Light With Motion Sensor - 10W 1000lm IP65 4000K Black Commercial Grade
  • Stylized Eyelid Garden Step Light 12V Black
  • Brilliant Garden Spike 12V Tall Adjustable 1 Light - Denver II
  • Charming LED Refined Interior Wall Light - Iron Alum
  • LED Driver - 12V Constant Voltage IP65 30W
  • Light: LED MR16 6W Reflector Globes - WARM WHITE
  • Spike Light - 12V Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel MR16 Adjustable 20W IP65 63cm
  • Charming LED Interior Upright Wall Light - Satin Nickel Alum
  • LED Strip Light - Waterproof DIY Kit with Plug IP65 3000K
  • LED 12V AC/DC E27 3-Unit 9W 4000K 270D 760lm Globe
  • Goya 160 12V Copper Path Light
  • Refined High Output LED Garden Spike Light 30W 2195lm 5000K
  • LED G4 MR11 12V AC/DC Lamp 3W 4000K
  • LED Driver - 12V Constant Voltage IP67  200W Waterproof
  • Wall Light - 12V 6W 480lm IP65 3000K 98mm Eyelid Titanium
  • Smart RGB Garden Spike Light Kit - 4 x 12V Corrosion Resistant 3W IP68 Dimmable DIY
  • Three Solar Lights on Spikes - Kit Includes Solar Panel, Very Bright
  • LED 12V AC/DC E27 3-Unit 9W 6500K 270D 780lm Globe
  • Rocco - Hooded Low Voltage Recessed Exterior Copper
  • Sconces | CITY Series-SEATTLE: LED Interior Wall Light - Single Adjustable Head
  • Sconces | CITY Series-BARCELONA: LED Interior Wall Light - Satin Chrome
  • Bollard Light - Chic Slender 12V 445mm 20W Chrome
  • 2W Daylight LED G4 Bi-Pin Lamps
  • 0.5W Warm White LED Bi Pin Lamp
  • Spike Light - 2 x 12V Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel MR16 Adjustable Slim 20W IP65 1m

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