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RGB Lights

Shop our RGB lights online today. We have Australia's largest lighting range. Our RGB lights include solar RGB lights, RGB flood lights, RGB spike lights, RGB smart lights, RGB light bulbs and RGB LED strip lights. Applications for RGB lights include signs, steps, pools, bars, kitchen cabinets, floors, bathrooms, patios and hotels.
  • Smart RGB Downlight - Dimmable 10W 800lm IP44 Tri Colour 110mm White
  • Floodlight - 10W RGB 240V LED IP65 With Remote
  • Smart RGB Garden Spike Light Kit - 4 x 12V Corrosion Resistant 3W IP68 Dimmable DIY
  • 240V RGB LED Flood Light - 30W RGB
  • Smart RGB Garden Spike Light - 12V 3W IP68 Dimmable DIY
  • Solar Strip Light RGB - 3m 8 Lighting Modes Flexible with Adhesive
  • RGB Solar powered Christmas Lights 50m Length
  • Refined LED Garden Spike Light 8W Multi Colour
  • Five Pack 12V 3W LED Deck Lights - Stainless Steel Finish / RGB LED
  • Smart Light Bulb B22 RGB LED - Dimmable 9W 800lm 3000K Multi Colour
  • Solar Ground or Wall Spotlight Kit - 3 Lights IP68 RGB Adjustable
  • Smart Light Bulb E27 RGB LED - Dimmable 9W 800lm 3000K Multi Colour
  • RGB Solar powered Christmas Lights 17m Length
  • RGB Solar powered Christmas Lights 30m Length
  • Solar Deck Lights or Step Lights With Remote - RGB Kit of 10 Stainless Steel IP67
  • Waterproof LED Strip Light - 24V IP66 RGBW Dimmable 24W Per Metre
  • Crystal LED CTC Pendant - Length 600mm / White LED
  • Solar LED Strip Light - 3m Super Bright IP65 RGB
  • Solar Flood Light RGB With Remote - 30W 2250lm IP65 RGB 380mm Commercial Grade
  • Flood Light with Remote Control - 240V 10W RGB IP65 115mm Black
  • LED Strip 14.4W/M RGB 24VDC IP54 Q Coating
  • 50W RGB 240V LED Floodlight IP65
  • Waterproof RGB LED Strip Light - 12V IP66 14.4W 16 Million Colours
  • Flexible 60 LED Strip - 19.2W 24V / RGB + WW
  • Flexible 60 LED Strip - 14.4W 12V / RGB LED

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