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Motion Sensor Lights, Security Lights

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Motion Sensor Lights and Security Lights

Outdoor security lights (also called motion sensor lights) are exterior lighting fixtures that turn on in response to movement. Security lights must fulfill three functions: they must enhance the aesthetics of your outdoors and surrounding landscape; they must help people walk around outside without falling or otherwise be in danger; and thirdly, they must discourage trespassers.

Tips on motion sensor lights and security lights:

  • Keep the security lights out of reach - if criminals are unable to reach them, the less likely they are to break into your home.
  • Brighter isn't necessarily always better - be judicious with the placement and use of lights.
  • Pay close attention to the detection zone of your motion sensor light, which is the angle that is covered by the sensor.
  • Likewise, you should also note the security light's range, which is the distance it can detect. The larger the range the more susceptible is the security light to false alarms.
  • For best effectiveness, install your motion detector sensors to cover the walks over your front and back doors as well as your driveway.
  • Mount the motion detector lights 2 to 3 meters (6 to 10 ft) above the ground.
  • Be very wary of your neighbours - security lights can be very sensitive, and you don't want to trigger a light every time your neighbour opens their door or walks down their path. So be careful where you point it.