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Ceiling Spotlights, Track Lights

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Ceiling Spotlights (Indoor)

Spotlights are light sources that send out a cone of light. They provide very focused lighting to your home, and are used to project a narrow beam of light onto a specific object or area.

Tips on ceiling spotlights:

  • Install spotlights for your rooms' focal points and artwork. Light individual artworks with spotlights set at a 30-degree angle.
  • Install your spotlights AFTER your furniture and accessories are placed in a room, and work out what needs to be highlighted with spotlights and how they can be placed.
  • Sometimes a small spotlight pointed up can be extremely creative, particularly for features that are in the dark.
  • Using several spotlights from the same point, and with different brightness, can be a dramatic effect.
  • Always consider dimmers.
  • Never position spotlights above chairs — they will cast ugly shadows on faces.