Staying Secure with Outdoor Floodlights - Lighting Style
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How to Stay Secure with Outdoor Flood Lights

Flood lights

Outdoor flood lights are a great way to keep a residential or commercial property safe and secure from any unwanted attention. They are among the best methods of protection against burglars and intruders, and will make any criminal activity around the property much less likely. But how best to use the various flood lighting products to their best effect?

Assessment of the Area

First off make an assessment around the property, and take careful account of the darkest and most shaded corners. If the occupiers of the building are new to the area, it is a good idea to get a general overview of local crime levels, just as a guide to keeping things safe. Consider the direction that the lights will be shining in, and try not to cause any light pollution to neighbouring properties.

Avoid Over Lighting

Linked to this is the fact that it always pays dividends to culture a good relationship with neighbouring residents and businesses. For that reason, it's best to avoid over lighting the area and keeping the flood lights focused on the property in question.

Led flood lights

The Benefits of Flood Lighting

Flood lights provide a versatile method of illuminating open spaces. They can offer precise distribution of light, or a more focused beam of light. Floodlights are weatherproof to a rating of IP 44, meaning that rain water will have no detrimental effect.

LED floodlights will produce bright light straight away when turned on or tripped by a sensor. There is no need for warming up, and will achieve maximum luminosity immediately. LED flood light bulbs will also provide financial savings as they last longer than florescent bulbs.

Motion sensors

Motion Sensors

Many models of flood lights are equipped with motion detection sensors. These LED lights will remain turned off until picking up a nearby movement, and then shining a wide arc of intense light.

The lights will save on money, as they don't need to be on all night. The lights also operate as a 'surprise factor', which from a security angle acts extremely well as a deterrent to any one hiding in the surroundings.

All Night Lighting

However, if security is a prime concern, and if the area is wide and spacious, it may be that all night lighting is required. As with any outdoor lighting, always pay close attention to neighbouring properties and be careful not to inadvertently highlight any part of another building's outside space.

Floodlighting effects

Aside from the important security elements, flood lights also offer a keen aesthetic value. A number of lighting effects can be created. Flood lights directed towards trees will bring about a dramatic look of light and shadow, while different effect can be made by covering the lights with sheets of coloured cellophane.