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Floor Lamps

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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are self-supporting indoor lighting fixtures used for reading, ambient lighting and general light sources in a living room or office space. They have a solid base for support, and a central pole to hold the light fixtures in place.

Tips on floor lamps:

  • Floor lamps are great when they are used together with overhead lights such as downlights and pendants to provide atmosphere.
  • Floor lamps are particularly good to illuminate dark corners, sofas and beds.
  • Before you buy a floor light, determine not only its location but also its purpose. Do you want clear light for a dark spot? Do you want a light that illuminates the entire room? Do you want to make a statement even if the light is off?
  • Look at where you will be sitting, and hence which direction the floor lamp will shine - and purchase a floor light with a design that will not glare into your eyes.
  • Consider a floor lamp with an adjustable arm. These are very modern and flexible.
  • For the classic look go for a straight lamp pole with a cloth shade or round globe on top.
  • If your walls are painted a dark colour, you will need more lighting.
  • Floor lights are the most critical to get the style right, as they are at eye level. The style of your floor lamp should compliment your room and furniture.

Types of floor lamps:

  • Buffet lamps: these are very slender and very tall.
  • Arc lamps:: these have a very slender body and an arc-shaped arm with a shade that extends outwards from the body.
  • Tripods: these have three-legged bases giving an extremely stylish look.
  • Swing arm lamps:: these have an adjustable arm which can be set and moved.
  • Torchiere lamps: these have a tall body and a shade that faces upwards.
  • Piano lamps: these are so-called because they are often used to light up pianos. They are tall, slender, and have a horizontal bulb with a swing arm that is hooded.
  • Goose-neck lamps: these have flexible necks that can be adjusted to different positions and curves.
  • Tree lamps: these have an array of branches, each holding a globe, that can be targeted in various directions.

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