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Black Lamps

Buy our black lamps online today. We have Australia's largest lighting range. Our black lamps include black table lamps, black bedside lamps and black desk lamps. Applications for lamps include living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bars and restaurants.
  • Graceful Desk Lamp Black with Copper Head
  • Graceful Touch Lamp Gunmetal
  • Trax Desk Lamp Black
  • Dome Arc Floor Lamp Matt Black
  • Modern Table Lamp Black
  • Period Antique Black Cut Table Complete Lamp
  • Bobo Twin Flex Floor Lamp Gunmetal
  • Floor Lamp - Graceful Black with Copper Head
  • Aged Black Complete Table Lamp
    $350 $219
  • Floor Lamp - Upright LED Twin Black
  • Global Touch Lamp Black Complete
  • Detailed Clamp Lamp Black
    $128 $82
  • Forma Adjustable Desk Lamp Black
  • Floor Lamp - Retro Twin Matt Black
  • Touch Lamp - Smooth Unique Shaped 175mm 25W Black
  • Smooth Swirled Complete Table Lamp
  • Floor Lamp - Modernistic Twin Head Black
  • Floor Lamp - 60W E27 1570mm Matte Black
  • Floor Lamp - 42W IP20 E27 1340mm Black
  • Floor Lamp - Contemporary Chic
    $382 $239
  • Retro Twin Floor Lamp Gunmetal
  • Table Lamp - Chic Drum E27 470mm 72W Black and Timber
  • Floor Lamp with Child and Shade Black
  • Table and Desk Lamps | VENETO series: Aged Decorative Light - 2 Globe Table Lamp
  • Table Lamp - 42W E27 250mm Black
  • Floor Lamp - 40W E27 1500mm Brushed Chrome and Matte Black
  • Table Lamp - Sleek Capsule Shape 490mm 40W Matte Black
  • Floor Lamp - Chic Slender 1545mm 40W Matte Black
  • Floor Lamp - Antique Black Adjustable - CLS
  • Exotic Table Lamp Black W/Card Insert
  • Contemporary Table Lamp Complete Black
  • Trax Desk Lamp Gunmetal
  • Floor Lamps | SLIM series: Black and Blonde Wood Floor Lamp
  • Desk Lamp - Adjustable Classic Look E27 28W Satin Black
  • Table Lamp - 18W E14 280mm Matte Black
  • Desk Lamp - 7W 400lm 4000K 360mm Matte Black
  • Desk Lamp - 7W 400lm 4000K 360mm Gunmetal
  • Desk Lamp - 25W E27 380mm Black and Grey
  • Bedside Lamp - 3W 80lm IP20 3000K 300mm Black
  • Table Lamp - 42W E14 180mm Black
  • Table Lamp - Traditional  Lantern 390mm 3W Gloss Black
  • Rustic interior decorative aged iron pipe table lamp - 370 mm
  • Light: PIX Floor Lamp - BLACK
    $480 $300

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