Vandal Resistant Lights

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We have Australia's largest vandal resistant lighting range including IK10 rated wall lights, pillar lights, coach lights, ceiling lights, up down lights and garden lights. See our guide to IK rated lights.

What is a Vandal Resistant Light?

A vandal resistant light (also called a vandal proof light) is a light fitting that is resistant to impact according to an internationally recognized scale called IK Rating. The IK Rating scale (IK stands for Impact Kinetic) defines ten different levels to withstand impact, with IK10 being the highest.

Vandal Resistant Lighting Tips

  • Whilst IK rating is from IK1 to IK10, you should purchase a minimum of IK08 for good protection.
  • IK10 is equivalent to a 10kg hammer being dropped from 40cm height.
  • Be aware that whilst IK10 provides excellent protection against impact, nothing is 100% vandal proof. 
  • If there is any risk whatsoever of vandalism, always go for IK rated products. The small additional cost is great insurance.