Pendant Lights

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We have Australia's largest range of bedside, bedroom, dining room, living room and kitchen pendant lights including industrial style, classic, cage, hand-made, traditional, modern, LED and hanging lights.

Pendant Lighting Tips

  • Make sure that your pendant light matches your furniture. For example, don't put ultra-modern lights with antique decor.
  • The size of the pedant should be proportional to the room.
  • Pendant hung over dining tables should not illuminate light directly into people's eyes. A good guide is about 80cm above the table.
  • If your budget can afford a dimmer, then add it. Nothing else beats it for ambience and atmosphere.
  • Pendants over kitchen islands should be hung in sets of 3 - either the same, or mix and match for a stunning effect.
  • Pendant lights can be artworks in their own right and transform a room - so experiment and be creative.
  • Always, but always, use warm white globes. Vintage globes are much more beautiful than normal globes, but they cast less light.
  • Almost all pendant lights, even ones with chains, can have their suspensions adjusted (reduced, not lengthened). The only exception to this rule are pendants with rods.
  • Shades should be cleaned regularly. Glass can be wiped using supermarket glass cleaners, and metals with cleaners from your hardware store. Fabrics should only be spot cleaned.
  • Pendants with naked globes can look spectacular but may be blinding, so be very careful where and how you hang these.
  • For spaces that need even, bright lighting consider pendants that are either big circles of light or long bars.