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Chandeliers are one of the oldest forms of ceiling light. Originating as a basic iron circle suspended from a roof beam with candles melted onto it, we now have a multitude of styles and options.

Modern crystal chandeliers
Modern design spaces often feature a striking feature chandelier utilising unconventional crystal arrangements refracting the light from strategically placed LEDs. The clean line design and suspended crystals draw attention from any angle.
Empire crystal chandeliers
Featuring in pop culture icons like Titanic and Phantom of the Opera, Empire crystal chandeliers as a symbol of opulence for hundreds of years. Traditionally framed with ormolu, most are now made with brass or polished steel decorated with aligned crystals. Perfect for weddings, function centres or a grand drawing room.
Victorian crystal chandeliers
The Victorian crystal chandelier often has candle style fitting emanating from an upward curving support. These lights are accented with crystals to refract the candle light from a time before electricity was commonplace.
Industrial chandeliers
A variation on modern design, the Industrial style chandelier is plain and emphasises the material and angles of the frame. These chandeliers are simpler and not as ornate so can suit a smaller dining room where a crystal chandelier would overpower the feel of the room.
Organic chandeliers
A recent trend in chandeliers is to include organic materials. Wooden chandeliers, particularly the beaded varieties are popular where a strong light is not needed but a central feature to the room would appeal and intrigue. These chandeliers work well in rooms with plentiful natural lighting to highlight the patination and structure of the light.
Candelabra chandeliers
Paying tribute to times past, candelabra use candle style globes with a fitting resembling the base of candles. Often fitted with a shade to create warmth and prevent the light emanating from the modern bulbs from overpowering the room. Beautifully set, the core structure of candelabra chandeliers are often emphasised by an absence distracting features like crystals.
Ring chandeliers
These chandeliers have come full circle from a suspended iron ring with candles to a clean modern design utilising white light and crystal or candle style lights. These versatile chandeliers can suspend beautifully above dining tables or a series at differing heights in a corporate space.