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Shop our chandeliers online today. We have Australia's largest lighting range. Chandeliers are romantic, stunning and mysterious. They remind one of mansions, untold luxury and nobility. Every one of our chandeliers becomes a talking point in the room it is in, and lifts the entire mood of that room.

Types of chandeliers

  • Modern crystal chandeliers are arranged in unusual, angular shapes with a multitude of crystals hanging from plastic, glass and metallic fittings.
  • Traditional crystal chandeliers have classic multi-arm shapes, and are normally made from brass, copper, steel or wrought iron. The crystals are arranged in a symmetrical fashion around the fitting.
  • Antique crystal chandeliers have curved arms with an Edwardian feel to them.
  • Industrial chandeliers look like they belong on the factory floor. They are very simple and uncomplicated, though impressive nevertheless.
  • Natural chandeliers are those made from raw materials such as timber, beads and cane as well as recycled material. They are environmentally friendly and as such are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Candelabras are chandeliers with rounded arms that either hold candles, or hold candle globes.
  • Ring chandeliers are round, often a complete circle, and can be stunning particular when they oversized. They are a favourite of hotels and fashion labels.
  • Bowl chandeliers are shaped like a dish, and are suspended either facing up or down.
  • Pendant Light - Chef Table 4-Light Matt Black
  • Classic 5-Light Up Pendant Bronze
  • Crystal LED CTC Pendant - Height 300mm / White LED
  • Pendant Light - Period Style, Genuine Hardwood Timber, 442mm
  • Pendant Light - Chef Table 3-Light Matt Black
  • Pendant Light - 42W E27 280mm Faux Crystals Black
  • Pendant Lights | SENORITA series: E27 pendant light - Medium 3 Bulbs
  • Crystal LED Pendant - Diameter 660mm / White LED - Boomerang
  • Pendant Lights | BONITO Series: E27 pendant light - Small 1 x E27
  • Pendant Light - 126W E27 280mm Black
  • Pendant Light - Classic Sleek 530mm 72W Matt Gold
  • Crystal LED CTC Pendant - Diameter 300mm / White LED
  • Crystal LED Pendant - Diameter 500mm / White LED
  • Pendant Light - Modern Unique 460mm 72W Matt Black
  • Crystal LED Pendant - Diameter 400mm / White LED
  • Pendant Light - Gothic 3 Lights 40W Rustic
  • Large Chandelier - RMS
  • Chandelier Small Natural - BDD
    $624 $390
  • Crystal LED Pendant - Length 600mm / White LED
  • Pendant Light - 42W E27 230mm Faux Crystals Black
  • Pendant Light - 18W 900lm 4000K 400mm Black
  • Pendant Light - Industrial Sleek 530mm 72W Matt Black
  • Pendant Light - DRF
  • Chandelier - LNG
  • Medium Chandelier - Crystal PLR
  • Medium Chandelier - Crystal LRN
  • Crystal LED CTC Pendant - Length 600mm / White LED
  • Crystal LED CTC Pendant - Length 800mm / White LED
  • Crystal LED Pendant - Height 1500mm / White LED
  • Crystal LED Pendant - Height 600mm / White LED
  • Crystal LED Pendant - Diameter 660mm / White LED
  • Crystal LED Pendant - Diameter 600mm / White LED
  • Pendant Light - E27 180W 380mm Chrome
  • Pendant Light - G9 500W 810mm Black, Brass and Clear
  • Pendant Light - E14 240W 840mm White and Chrome
  • Pendant Light - E14 160W 660mm White and Chrome
  • Chandelier - E14 400W 620mm Black and Crystal
  • Pendant Light - E14 160W 730mm Black
  • Pendant Light - E14 240W 690mm Brass and Clear
  • Chandelier - E14 520W 700mm Clear and Brass
  • Pendant Light - E14 320W 780mm Black
  • Pendant Light - E14 240W 700mm Black
  • Pendant Light - E14 160W 910mm Blue and Beige
  • Pendant Light - E27 240W 350mm Crystal and Brass
  • Chandelier - E14 320W 800mm White
  • Chandelier - E14 150W 700mm White
  • Chandelier - Bird Cage E14 300W 980mm 12 Arms Antique Black
  • Chandelier - Bird Cage E14 200W 800mm 8 Arms Antique Black

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