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Path Lights

Shop our path lights online today. We have Australia's largest lighting range. Our path lights include inground lights, bollards, spike lights, sensor lights, ground spot-lights and post lamps. Applications for path lights include homes, hotels, hospitality venues, walkways and tracks.
Path Lights

Path Lighting Tips

  • Light posts and bollard lights are excellent for indicating the boundary of paths, particularly for dark areas or if you require the path to be visible from a distance.
  • Position lights asymmetrically for improved visuals and efficiency.
  • Use timers on your path lights so they are only lit up at night. This will conserve electricity.
  • For properties near beaches, consider marine grade materials.
  • Solar path lights are great if you have no power sources.
  • Identify risks along the path such as trees, stairs and corners, and place lights nearby these.
  • Bollard Light - Stylish Stainless Steel 240V E27 IP44 1000mm
  • Solar Bollard Light - Motion Sensor Super Bright 4.5Ah Battery Stainless Steel
  • Light: STILETTO Low Voltage Garden Spike - BLACK
  • Shinto 12V Garden Bollard Black
  • Solar Post Light With Motion Sensor - 200lm IP44 3000K 1870mm Curved Head
  • Stylish Stainless Steel Bollard - Short
  • Velika Bollard 1000mm With Flange Black
  • Solar Bollard Lights - Pack of 2 0.5m 50lm 8-12 Hours Light
  • Slimline 12V Stainless Path Light
  • Bollard Light - 12V 10W 670mm Stainless Steel
  • 12V LED Garden Spike Light - Anodised Finish / Body Only
  • Black LED Outdoor Bollard Light - Rectangular 50cm Tall - Amun
  • Highgate Exterior Post and Top Black
  • Three Solar Spotlights on Spikes - Kit Includes Solar Panel
  • 12V Garden Spotlight Spike Black DIY
  • Solar Post Light With Motion Sensor - 200lm IP44 3000K 1870mm Straight Head
  • Black LED Outdoor Bollard Light - Rectangular 30cm Tall - Amun
  • Marine Grade Inground Light - 24V 9W 950lm IP65 5000K 125mm Round Chrome
  • Light: PORTICO Louvred 900mm Bollard - STAINLESS STEEL
  • Bollard Light - Vandal Resistant 240V 410lm IP65 IK10 4000K 1m Black Commercial Grade
  • Solar Garden or Wall Spotlight Kit - Remote Control 4 Lights with Built In Solar Panel
  • 70W Black Body Outdoor/Garden Light Commercial Bollard Light
  • Velika Louvred Cast Bollard E27 Black
  • Accent 12V Garden Spotlight Spike Stainless Steel DIY
  • Solar Spike Light Twin Pack - Motion Sensor IP65 50lm 62cm
  • Flood Light - Vandal Resistant 200W 19000lm IP66 IK08 4000K 354mm Commercial Grade
  • Flood Light - Vandal Resistant 100W 9500lm IP66 IK08 4000K 254mm Commercial Grade
  • Monaco Single Head Plain Post - Black Finish / E27
  • Monaco LED Bollard Graphite
  • Spike Light - High Output LED 12V 30W 2124lm 3000K
  • Flood Light - Vandal Resistant 70W 6650lm IP66 IK08 4000K 254mm Commercial Grade
  • Solar Post Light - 400lm IP44 3000K 2400mm Two Straight Heads
  • Floodlight - 10W RGB 240V LED IP65 With Remote
  • Turin Single Head Medium Post Light - White Finish / B22
  • Solar Bollard Light - 200lm IP65 3000K 800mm Black Commercial Strength
  • Marine Grade Bollard Light - 240V 6W 215lm 4000K IP54 650mm Graphite Commercial Grade
  • Outdoor Contemporary 1 Light Adjustable 12V LED Path Spike Light - Black
  • Solar Wall Light With Motion Sensor - 10W 1000lm IP65 4000K Black Commercial Grade
  • Newark Single Top and Post Black
  • Brilliant Garden Spike 12V Tall Adjustable 1 Light - Denver II
  • Avignon Single Head Medium Post Light - Black Finish / B22
  • Solar Spike or Wall Spotlight - Built In Solar Panel Warm White
  • Spike Light - 12V Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel MR16 Adjustable 20W IP65 63cm
  • Solar Bollard Anti-Corrosion - 200lm 940mm Multi Brightness
  • 24V 9W LED Inground Light - Aluminium Finish / Warm White LED
  • Monaco Single Head Tall Post - Black Finish / E27

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