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Desk Lamps

Buy our desk lamps online today. We have Australia's largest lighting range. Our desk lamps include LED desk lamps, classic desk lamps, bankers desk lamps, adjustable desk lamps and flexible desk lamps. Applications for desk lamps include offices, homes, work sites and manufacturing premises.
Desk Lamps

What is a Desk Lamp?

A desk lamp is an indoor lighting fixture whose objective is to clearly illuminate an activity underway. An essential element of a desk lamp is that its beam is directional, so it can be pointed straight at the activity without glaring into the eyes. Desk lamps are normally found in offices and studies.

How Many Lumens Should a Desk Lamp Have?

The brightness of a desk lamp (measured in lumens) depends upon its purpose. For reading and writing, it should be about 500 lumens. For extremely detailed work, its brightness should be about 800 lumens.

What Colour Temperature Should a Desk Lamp Have?

A desk lamp should be cool white (3200K to 4500K). This white colour range is the ideal balance between clear vision and alertness.

Desk Lamps Tips

  • Make sure that there is no direct glare into your eyes from the desk lamp when you are seated.
  • Adjustable desk lamps with multiple arms are perfect to make sure that the light is focused in the right direction.
  • The desk lamp should be next to your dominant hand, as that will make it much easier to turn it on and off.
  • If you have a large desk, get a desk lamp with a swiveling head.
  • Remember that your desk lamp will be the most important thing on your table: so choose one that is both functional and looks great.
  • Graceful Desk Lamp Black with Copper Head
  • Bankers Lamp - Touch Switch Green With Antique Brass
  • Linear Square Touch Lamp Opal Matt / Brchr
  • Bankers Lamp Touch Brass / Dark Green
  • Trax Desk Lamp Black
  • Trax Desk Lamp Antique Brass
  • Pip Glass Stepped Table Lamp - Blue
  • Bankers Lamp - Switch On Cord Green With Antique Brass
  • Trax Desk Lamp Brushed Chrome
  • Linear Round Touch Lamp Opal Matt / Brushed Chrome
  • Bankers Lamp Touch Chrome / Gloss Opal
  • Linear Table Lamp Base Teak with Copper Arm
  • Forma Adjustable Desk Lamp Silver
  • Linear Table Lamp Base Teak with White Arm
  • Kyoto Table Lamp
  • Linear Table Lamp Base Teak with Black Arm
  • Chic Desk Lamp Oil Rubbed Bronze and Wood
  • Curved LED Table Lamp Chrome / Opal 4000K
  • Trax Desk Lamp White
  • Modern LED Table Light / Bedside Lamp / Night Light
  • Table Lamp - Hand Made Outback Style Natural Timber
  • Detailed Clamp Lamp Black
    $128 $82
  • Detailed Clamp Lamp Antique Brass
  • Linear Table Lamp Base Teak with Brushed Brass Arm
  • Trax Desk Lamp Blue
  • Forma Adjustable Desk Lamp Black
  • Syphon Metal Table lamp In Silhouette - White
  • Table Lamp - 25W IP20 E27 530mm Brushed Chrome
  • AgedComplete Table Lamp
    $326 $204
  • Trax Desk Lamp Pink
  • Bankers Lamp Brass Plate (Switched)
  • Ornate Table Lamp
    $186 $149
  • Detailed Clamp Lamp Brushed Chrome
  • Contemporary Glass Stepped Table Lamp - Yellow
  • Brunswick Timber Table Lamp
  • Desk Lamp - Adjustable Classic Look E27 28W Matt Pink
  • Desk Lamp - Adjustable Classic Look E27 28W Satin Blue
  • Desk Lamp - 18W E14 460mm White
  • Table Lamp - 42W E27 500mm Marble with Matte Black
  • Rounded Antique Silver Shape Adjustable Desk Lamp - STM
  • Detailed Clamp Lamp White
  • Oriel Nolita Table Lamp and Shade Copper
  • Techno LED 6W Desk Lamp Silver
    $299 $187
  • Graceful Adjustable Desk Lamp White
  • Light: OPTICA Mini-Magnifier Lamp - WHITE
  • Desk Lamp - Adjustable Classic Look E27 28W Satin Grey
  • Desk Lamp - Adjustable Classic Look E27 28W Matt White
  • Desk Lamp - 7W 400lm 4000K 360mm White

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