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Fans are indoor fixtures that are used for cooling. There are two types of fans: ceiling fans with rotating blades, and exhaust fans.

Tips on fans:

  • When purchasing a fan, determine if you also need a remote, speed settings or a 2-in-1 attached light.
  • Bigger fans circulate more air, and will help to cool a larger room.
  • Fans are very good in dispersing heat, smoke and odours. They also reduce layering between hot air near the ceiling and cool air at floor level.
  • Fans are not only an elegant solution for your home, but they are also much more energy efficient than air conditioners.
  • Remember that apart from being very functional and efficient, fans provide beautiful character to any room.
  • A fan should never hang lower than 7 feet (2.2 meters) from the floor.
  • When installing fans ensure they are securely fixed to framing members or they must attach to hooks, metal crossbars, or special hangers meant for fans.
  • Fans effectively circulate air around a room, thereby keeping the air in your home from getting stale and continuously refreshing a space.
  • Dirty fans don’t move air efficiently so clean your fans regularly.