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Oyster Lights, Batten Fixes, DIY Fittings

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Oyster Lights and Batten Fixes

Oyster lights and flush mounted ceiling lights are attached directly to the ceiling with little or no gap between the fitting and the surface of the ceiling.

Batten fixes are lamp holders connected to the ceiling. Batten fixes are designed to be attached directly to the pre-existing suspension or attachment. The huge advantage of DIY fittings is that they do not require an electrician to install - thus saving you money and time. They are the perfect choice for handymen that allow you to change the style and look of your home any time easily, quickly and cheaply.

Tips on oyster lights:

  • Flush mounted lights provide good light without requiring a lot of space, so are perfect for smaller rooms and rooms with low ceilings.
  • They are often used in closets and other dark, out of the way places.
  • In the hallway, there should be a flush mounted lights every 2.5 to 3 meters (8 to 10 feet) for safety and good illumination.
  • The bottom of the light fixtures should be at least 2.1 meters (7 feet) from the floor.
  • Flush mounted lights are great for ambient lighting, meaning general illumination across an entire room or area, as they spread light across the ceiling, reflecting it downward in a diffused fashion without glare.

Flush mounted vs semi-flush ceiling lights:

  • Flush mounted lights: the base of these lights directly touch the ceiling.
  • Semi-flush mounted lights: the base of these lights sit slightly below the ceiling, providing a small gap between the ceiling and the fitting.

Types of flush mounted lights:

  • Oyster lights: these look very similar to oysters in shape - round and flattened.
  • Square flush mounts: the majority of flush-mounted lights are round, but some are square or rectangular shapes. These are more modern in appearance.
  • Multi-light flush mounts: these have 2 or more lights attached to the fitting.