About us

Meet the founders

Eran Braverman
Evan Penn

Over 5 years ago, Eran Braverman and Evan Penn had a dream, to create the best one stop shop for stylish lighting, click and deliver to your door. Today, Lighting Style carries over 20,000 high quality, beautifully crafted lights, fans, furniture and home decor from around the world. The extensive and diverse selection has something to offer everyone, from home renovators, electricians and builders to commercial developers. Easy, stylish and convenient is now an option when it comes to buying lights.

A friendly, Australian based help desk is available to assist with any queries or to tailor solutions to your specific needs. Competitive prices and prompt delivery are essential offerings in making their dream a reality and bringing light to your space.

Thousands of happy customers are enjoying the Lighting Style choice and we invite you to come and enjoy the experience.

Our Ethos

Freedom To choose from the widest range of lights in the country.

Passion For you to see the light!

Style An unrivalled range to express your Individual style.

Innovation A unique platform to display, inform and let you easily acquire a light for your individual needs. Quickly and seamlessly delivered to your door.