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Outdoor Lights

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Outdoor Lights and Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lights (also called exterior lights, outside lights or landscape lighting) include all lighting fixtures that provide illumination, security and safety to paths, driveways, gardens, decking and garages.

Tips on outdoor lights and landscape lighting:

  • Before you put in any outdoor lighting, make sure you are very clear about your objectives and create an exterior lighting plan. Are you looking for safety? Do you want a soft, romantic mood? Do you want certain objects highlighted?
  • A Soft mood can be achieved by hiding landscape lighting under shrubs. Dramatic lighting can be achieved by having lighting pointing up into trees.
  • If you looking to highlight something like a statue or a fountain, consider having a few outdoor lights rather than only one - this will avoid harsh shadows.
  • Garden paths should have lights spaced at equal distances. But avoid placing the lights in a straight line, because this creates a runway effect.
  • Make sure outdoor lights are positioned away from windows and neighbours.
  • Consider installing dimmers, motion sensors or timers that save energy and enhance safety.
  • Make a grand entrance by putting in place a well lit front entrance, by using flood lights.
  • To ensure safety and security, all entry points of the home should be very well lit.

Types of outdoor lights:

  • Bunker lights: these (also called bulkhead lights) resemble the old oval shaped bomb shelter lamps, and have become very popular. Now days their shape has extended to include round, rectangular and oval as well.
  • Bollards: these have lights on top of short posts mounted in the ground.
  • Outdoor wall lights: these are weatherproof fixtures that are mounted on walls. They can be in a variety of shapes and sizes, both modern and traditional.
  • Spot Lights: these shine light across a narrow, focused area to highlight some feature.
  • Flood Lights: these are similar to spot lights, but shine light across a much wider area.
  • Deck lights: these provide lighting - either upwards or downwards - to decks, patios and pool areas.
  • Sensor lights: these turn on in response to movement.
  • Step lights: these provide lighting for climbing steps and other uneven surfaces at night.
  • Outdoor pendants: these are weatherproof lights that are suspended.