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Solar Bollard Lights, Solar Spike Lights

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Solar Bollards and Solar Spike Lights

Solar bollards and solar Spike lights are becoming Australia's favoured garden lights. Choosing the environmentally sustainable option of Solar reduces a household's carbon footprint and can reduce the cost of installation. Great as a safety feature, bollards and spike lights are often used to illuminate paths and highlight garden features.


  • Polycarbonate solar bollards and solar spikes are popular due to their lightweight yet hardwearing nature. Being UV stabilised increases their resistance to long term sun exposure.
  • Aluminium solar bollards and solar spikes offer a great midway point between Polycarbonate and stainless steel. Often powder coated to give a stylish dark finish, these bollards look great in gardens or alongside pathways.
  • Stainless Steel solar bollards and solar spikes give stylish to gardens and paths. Hard wearing and corrosion resistant these bollards are suitable for most areas although coastal regions may want to consider a marine-grade stainless steel or aluminium.