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What to Do When Light Globes Keep Burning Out

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Nearly every home and office has experienced a light fitting that goes through light globes quicker than anywhere else. It's incredibly frustrating when they fail, but luckily, there's usually something that can be done about it.

Here's what to do with the most common causes.


Too much heat can seriously reduce the lifespan of a light globe. Excessive heat can be brought about by energy limitations, such as using a more powerful globe than is suitable for the fixture. It can also be the fault of an enclosed or covered fixture. In some cases, the heat generated by the light globe (halogens, incandescent and LEDs) has nowhere to go to. If this happens, consider using larger fixtures and larger globes with covered fixtures. Also, always check that the globe is rated for use in enclosed fixtures.

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Globe quality

Lesser quality globes are more likely to fail quicker than higher grade ones. Make sure you are using the best quality globes available. Next generation LED and halogens usually have energy saving ratings attached to the product, which can lengthen the lifespan and guarantee you peace of mind.

Too much vibration

Lots of movement and vibration can diminish the efficiency and lifespan of a halogen light globe and its fixture. For example, a halogen light underneath a kid's play room or a gym will be subject to excessive vibration due to the stress on its filaments. In fixtures where this is the situation, consider installing an LED globe. LED globes are not affected by vibration. In fact, they are almost completely shock and vibration resistant.

On/Off cycles

Florescent lights require a surge of electricity when turned on to get going. If the lights are regularly turned on and off, they could wear down quicker due to the increased activity. Consider switching from Compact Florescent Globes (CFL's) to LED globes in rooms (bathrooms, kitchens) that need an increased amount of turning on and off.

On too tight

A common reason for light globes to burn out too soon is that they're screwed in too tightly. There is a brass tab at the bottom of a standard fixture socket that will get bent and flatten if the globe is installed too tightly. This will interfere with the contact needed to power the globe. If this happens try to ensure there is enough room for the tab to depress and make contact. You can do this by cutting power to the bulb, and then carefully use pliers to pull the brass tab up by a 20-30 degree angle.

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Every globe has a lifespan. It's just that some are longer than others. LED bulbs are known for never actually burning out in the way that halogens and incandescent can. They simply fade over time, without an actual burn out. Many LED globes last up to 20,000 hours and longer, saving around 80% energy when compared with more traditional light globe products.