5 Ways To Brighten Up a Garden Space - Lighting Style
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5 Ways to Brighten Up a Garden Space

Night park

Putting careful thought into lighting design is a crucial way to brighten up a garden space, or an outdoors area. Options to highlight garden features, improve security, and create an attractive platform for trying out different ideas are all offered with the latest lighting products. Here are five tips to getting the best out of your garden in style.

Night path to floating restaurant

Finding the Right Path

If you happen to have a path way leading around your garden, or a driveway from garage to road, they can be dramatically improved with the right pathway lighting. As well as making the environment far safer after dark, the lights also have the effect of greatly enhancing the visual landscape and appeal of your outdoor space. New designs in path lights will produce a stunning effect, bringing appreciative glances from the whole neighbourhood.

Lantern garden

Bollards and Spike Lights

Bollards and spike lights are often used as a way to illuminate trees, garden paths, and exterior walls. As well as improving the security of an outdoor area, they offer a low voltage and easy to install way to brighten up the garden and surrounds. Many of the latest models of bollards and spike lights carry a weatherproof rating and are able to withstand garden hose spray and rainwater.

All on Deck

Deck lighting is one of the most important parts of your outdoor lights to get right. The garden decking, patio and pool area will be the busiest areas in your home, so it makes sense to have high quality lighting properly taken care of.

Start off by considering which part of the garden see the most footfall, and concentrate on using deck and patio lights there. You can combine different types of lights – some shining upwards and some downwards - for different effects. Always be careful not to position the lights where people might be sitting so as not to shine into their eyes. Similarly, pay attention to the lights in relation to your neighbour's backyard.

The Next Step

Climbing uneven steps can be difficult at the best of time, but even more so at night. Thankfully you can minimise any danger involve by installing step lights. These will add security and illumination around outdoor steps and stairways. A dramatic effect of light and shadow can also be produced by the lights, either by placing them on the steps themselves, or just to the side of them.

Lampposts and pillar lights

Lampposts and Pillar Lights

Lampposts and pillar lights add an elegant look of vintage beauty to outside spaces. Typically standing at over four feet in height, lamppost lights are a superb method of bringing a refined character to the garden. As well as highlighting points of interest such as water features, walls and outbuildings, the lights bring out the variety of different surfaces and light textures found out of doors.