What's New In Downlights - Lighting Style
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Trusted by 38,000 home owners and 7,800 businesses
Trusted by 7,800 businesses and 38,000 home owners

What's New in Downlights

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Downlights play an important part in an interior's lighting setup. They are a great choice for showcasing clean lines across a ceiling space, providing a focused downwards illumination with the lighting source itself hidden from view in a recess. The latest developments in LED downlights offer a number of advantages over older lighting products. Here are some of the most noticeable benefits:

Energy Saving

The next generation of LED lighting represents a significant step forward in energy saving. LED downlights consume less energy than older kinds of lighting, using about 25% of the energy that a halogen globe uses to produce a similar result of brightness. While the individual downlights may cost slightly more than other alternatives, the overall savings made in energy consumption and replacement costs more than make up the difference.

Instant Maximum Brightness

A useful effect of LED downlights is the capacity of instant brightness and sensitive dimming. The globes do not need to warm up before reaching maximum illumination, meaning you can reliably depend on them for immediate effect. The dimmable feature on some of the latest downlights allow complete control over the lighting and ambience of a room. It offers the potential to perfectly fit the right mode and atmosphere in lighting.

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Better For the Household and the Environment

The latest downlights provide an advanced type of environmentally conscious lighting. Because the globes last much longer than older more traditional lighting products, there are less to consume and dispose of. Far less energy is used up, and only a fraction of the heat given off by traditional halogen globes is produced. The latest sophisticated downlights could theoretically be turned on for a large part of the day at no great cost to you, or the environment.

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Neat and Orderly Interiors

The fact that downlights are hidden from view in the ceiling space offers the chance to work out a room's style and look without needing to work around a lighting fixture. When spaced out methodically and evenly, downlights provide designers and residents the space to view the room as a whole, without any distractions from a central light fitting.

Overall, the latest designs in downlights bring a cost effective, stylish, and energy efficient solution to an interior's lighting needs. They provide a more reliable source of light than older methods, and at a reduced cost to both the wallet, and the environment.