What's New In Kitchen Lighting - Lighting Style
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What's New in Kitchen Lighting - The Latest Trends

Elegant style kitchen

Elegant style, composed decoration and reliable energy saving; a modern kitchen should be able to offer all of these elements. As one of the busiest rooms in the home, a kitchen needs to be perfectly illuminated. The lighting systems should also be designed alongside the interior decor and look of the kitchen. A well designed and well lit kitchen offers the ideal atmosphere for cooking, dining and household work.

LED Lighting

LED lighting products continue to have a big impact in the lighting design world. The potential of LED technology in the kitchen is vast, and it has already seen many designers prefer to use LED globes instead of traditional incandescent and halogens. LED has a wide variety of uses, and can work superbly as adjustable downlights, wall lights and sconces, and a range of overhead lighting.

Home kitchen

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting in the kitchen is nowadays available as pendants, high power globes, tube lighting and frosted globes. Overhead lighting systems are virtually essential in smaller kitchens, as the opportunity to take lights away from surfaces and have them hanging from the ceiling creates a greater degree of space.

Low Hanging Pendants

Linked to this idea of the appeal of overhead lighting is the steady growth in popularity of low hanging pendants in the kitchen. While it is always recommended to take busy working spaces into careful account when considering this option, low hanging pendant lights are certainly an option for dining areas where people are generally sitting down.

Dining room


Ultra slim chandeliers are staking their place as an item to look out for in well turned out kitchens in the coming months. Classic elegance and luxury combined with an extra source of light have seen chandeliers move into the dining areas of kitchens. Offering just as much style as when used in living rooms, chandeliers provide a richly furnished look of artistry.

Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is a great way of adding ambience and mood lighting to a kitchen, while also offering an extra helping of lighting. Under cabinets, cupboards and drawers, LED strip lights will illuminate trickier spaces where the main room lights may not be able to reach. Narrow areas such as between shelves are also highlighted in this smart and stylish way.

Overall Design

An ongoing trend that has been noticed is the amount of consideration that homemakers and designers are giving to the overall kitchen layout and design. For a lighting style to work at its best in a kitchen, it needs to be completely complimentary to the layout and overall design.