Types of Outdoor Lighting - Lighting Style
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The Various Types of Outdoor Lighting - A Guide to Exterior Illumination

Pendant lighting

When it comes to fully enjoying a garden or an outside space, lighting is an essential subject to consider. After all, it's difficult to get the best out of the great outdoors when it's dark or gloomy outside. This is where the best lighting products come in.

There are lots of different routes to achieving a beautifully illuminated outdoors space, but where to begin? With so many different options available, it makes sense to take a look at them one by one. So, without further ado, here are the main kinds of exterior lighting products available.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a popular choice for all kinds of interiors, and it might well make sense to transfer the style outdoors as well. Overhead lighting designs often incorporate helpful features for the outside, such as full weatherproofing. Everything from traditional looks to modernist styles can be found in outdoor overhead lights, so whatever taste you have there will be something to suit. Patios and outdoor benches can be safely and beautifully lit up in style.

Garden lamp decoration

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Today's lighting products allow a far greater flexibility in the look and design of outdoor lights than used to be available. Decorative and stylish elements mix with functionality and performance to bring out the best of gardens and outdoor areas. The latest types of outdoor lighting designs such as sconces, pendants and path lights are capable of producing a fine display of illumination. No more dull lamps or purely technically lighting items, now you can have brilliant light from a brilliant source.

Outdoor Wall Sconces

Sconces don't only have to be for inside the home. They can also be applied outside, through attachment to a wall or door. Indeed, they can be used anywhere there is a surface and the means to arrange wiring. There are many options for sconces, and many have the ability to withstand heavy weather and exposure to the elements.

Christmas luminaries night

Portable Lighting

Portable lighting options include the great benefit of being wireless. This can be a big advantage if setting up lighting for a particular or specific time or event. A party could be beautifully brought to life through a temporary installation of portable lights, some of which can be controlled via Bluetooth. There are some lights that can play music or change colour, both of which could really set the scene for a fun time.

Dark night evening lights

Path Lights and Step Lights

Path lights and step lights are recommended for lighting up spaces where you really need to see exactly where you're going. Different options include lights that get installed directly under the path, or spike lights placed to the side. There are also lights that can be placed into the steps leading up to a residence. This will require some planning as a recess might have to be taken out of the step for the lights, but as a way to improve visibility, safety and appearance they are essential.

These are the main areas to think about when looking at exterior lighting, and as with anything there are lots of specifics to take into account with your own personal preferences. So have a look, get creative and enjoy the outside!