Solar Wall Lights Guide - Lighting Style
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Guide to Solar Wall Lights

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Solar power provides a great opportunity to tap into the fantastic natural resource of sun-rays. For outside spaces and building and garden walls, it offers a superb way of powering a collection of lights. Outdoor wall lights are not always the easiest or the most practical of items to connect up to an electrical connection. Solar wall lights are a sensible answer to this problem.

Advantages of Solar Power for Wall Lights

Installing solar powered wall lights is an easy and hassle-free way of getting energy to important wall lighting units. A huge advantage of solar wall lights is the fact that they are longer lasting and bring reassuring longevity. By making use of LEDs, the solar powered wall lights require no regular globe or bulb changes. They can be installed quickly and safely. Some solar powered wall lights can even be operated on a timer system so that they turn on when it gets dark.

The number one advantage of using solar wall lights is that once you've installed the lights you can more or less forget about them. They require little maintenance and they charge throughout the day by absorbing the sun's rays. The only thing you need to do, is make sure that they are placed - either inserted into the ground or positioned on the wall itself - in the best possible place to get the maximum amount of sun.

Some other clear advantages of using solar energy for outdoor lighting are:
1. It will work even when there is a power shortage or power cut.
2. It provides environmentally green energy every day, even on cloudy days.
3. Solar powered wall lights can be installed anywhere, on a garden wall, in the ground, or on the walls of buildings.

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Types of Solar Wall Lights

Garden wall lights bring an elegant and decorative touch into an outdoor space. When powered by solar energy, they have the additional bonus of providing ecologically sound and reliable lighting to the garden.

Solar wall lights can act as accent lighting. For example, they could shine onto a wall highlighting it from a pathway or lawn. Alternatively, the lights could be fixed onto the wall itself. They can then light up a space at night bringing a practical option for security lighting. There are also solar powered wall lights equipped with motion detection sensors. As an extra security measure for outdoor spaces and gardens, they are just one more reason to consider solar wall lights.

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How to Install

The main thing to remember with solar wall lights (and solar lighting in general) is that placement is everything. The lights need to be placed where they can get the maximum amount of sun rays. Think about if there is anything obstructing or blocking sunlight from the solar lighting panels, and if there is, move the lights accordingly.

Once the positing is taken care of, the actual installation is relatively straightforward. There usually won't be any wires or bulky power-packs to think about, so the whole operation should be done in a few minutes. You can then just sit back and enjoy your outdoor space with added peace of mind.