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Saving Energy

Below are tips to reduce the consumption of lighting electricity at home.

Remember to Turn Off Lights

Turn off lights when you exit rooms. When you leave your home, spend a couple of minutes ensuring every light is switched off.

Use Minimum Lighting

Use only the minimum lighting required for the job at hand, rather than illuminating the entire area. For example, use a desk lamp rather than turning on all the overhead lights.

Turn Off Accent Lighting When Not Needed

Turn off spotlights that are being used to focus on specific feature items if you don't need them on.

Use Lighter Surfaces

Surfaces, such as walls, floors and carpets that are lighter in colour will be much more efficient at reflecting lighting than darker surfaces, and thus will require a lot less lighting.

Dust and Clean Regularly

Regularly dust and clean lighting fixtures. Dust that accumulates on lights can significantly reduce their illumination.

Use Compact Fluorescent Lights

Compact Fluorescent Lights typically use 75-80% less electricty than incandescent globes.

Use Natural Lighting

Take advantage of free natural light through big, open windows and skylights.

Use Dimmers

Use dimmers when ever possible. They reduce electricity usage as well as extending the life of your globes.

Use Reflectors

Reflectors can be fitted to increase lighting to specific areas.

Use Sensors

Automatic sensors can be used to turn lights off and on, depending upon movement in the room.