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Flood Lights, Spotlights

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Flood Lights and Spotlights

Flood lights and spotlights are exterior lighting fixtures that project a narrow beam of light. They are a great lighting option, as they provide good illumination as well as safety and security. Flood Lights are light sources that are weather proof and are used to project a broad beam of light in your outdoors.

Tips on outdoor flood lights and spotlights:

    • Ensure that the outdoor lighting fixtures you select at any particular spot complements (and does not clash with) the landscape around it.
    • Improve your energy efficiency and security with motion sensors.
    • Install lights along your paths and driveway to provide a safe and welcome walk for you and your guests.
    • Exterior spotlights can be used to highlight special architectural and landscape features.
    • Flood lights are best placed in the corners of a building and close to the roof.
    • If you are installing a flood light lower down, don't install it too close to the ground, as it will not provide a wide area of coverage.
    • You can get absolutely brilliant and dramatic effects by pointing flood lights at trees.
    • Use up-lights because we expect lights to shine downward. Flood lights pointing up should be used in moderation and can highlight key architectural features.
    • Focus flood lights on your entry-way to say Welcome to visitors.
    • Use timers to switch your spotlights on and off.
    • Outdoor flood lights do not have to be white. You can cover your flood lights with colored cellophane sheets to produce beautiful effects.

Types of wall mounted outdoor lights:

    • Fixed lights: these are lights that once joined to the wall, cannot move.
    • Adjustable lights: these can be moved around to point at different directions.
    • Lanterns: these have the look of historic or antique lighting fixtures.
    • Spot lights: these provide a narrow, tight beam of light that are normally pointed to highlight some important feature.
    • Flood lights: these are similar to spot lights but provide a much wider beam of light.
    • Up/down lights: these are spot lights that have beams going both upwards and downwards.
    • Hooded lights: these are lights that have a hood over them, either for stylistic reasons or to make them more weatherproof.
    • Recessed lights: these are embedded into the wall, so that the light looks like it shines from within the wall.
    • Security lights: these shine when they detect movement.