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Should I Mix My Lighting?

Lighting mixture

It is always a good idea to plan out what type of lighting you need in an interior. But a careful plan doesn't necessarily mean that all your lighting products have to be the same style or give off the same mood. Indeed, in some cases a mixture of different styles and layouts can work to your advantage. Here are some tips on how to successfully combine a variety of lighting styles.

Think Eclectic

Using lighting products that are opposite in style and design is a great place to start for thinking outside the box. The main point to remember with such an eclectic design strategy is that it is not a style in itself, rather a combination of two or more different styles. So, blending colours, textures, sizes and finishes adds a whole new dimension to the interior. Think eclectic, and combine vintage and modern, rustic and chic, urban and rural.

Garden ar night inside the Encore Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada

Change the Pattern

Think of your lighting as a way to show off a different approach to your style. This works in both the interior and exterior of the home. So, if you have lights out in the pathway around a garden or back yard try to think of a fresh way of installing them. Instead of a runway type strip of lights perfectly measured from unit to unit, break up the spaces between the lights and stagger them. Experimentation with the placement and the style and finish of the lights can bring a whole new look to your outside space.

Interior lighting

Space to Experiment

The larger rooms in the home are the perfect place to try out a mixture of styles. Dining rooms and living rooms often have the highest ceilings and are the best place to create a staking combination of shapes and styles. A bold collection of different effects can provide a memorable look for the busiest spaces in the home.

Seat room lighting

Think in Moods, Not Style

Thinking in terms of a relaxed mood for the living areas can work wonders. The lighting does not have to match in style or be of the same product type or finish, but a match in texture, effect, luminosity and colour can bring a lovely, welcoming feel to the room.

How Much is Too Much?

As long as the overall plan is considered carefully and expresses your own ideas and taste, there can never be too much variety. It all depends on individual style. However, there should always be an awareness of the space between lighting fixtures in different areas of the home, and how practical and workable the effect of the lighting is. Generally, though, if it suits your style and works with how you want the room to feel it is absolutely ideal.