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Using Lighting To Sell Your Home

Lighting needs to be considered very carefully when you are selling your home. If you follow the correct steps, it can significantly improve the look and feel of your home and enhance is value. A house which is well lit will look more expensive, modern, stylish and attract many more buyers.

General Lighting

Your two sources of lighting are sunlight and electric lights. Determine upfront how much natural light each room will receive, which will obviously change at various times in the day. Natural light looks fresh and makes your rooms look large, so ensure that all shades and drapes are open if buyers are visiting during the day. Rooms which are not receiving sufficient sunlight will require electric lighting to be turned on, or additional portable lights to be placed in strategic locations temporarily.

Lighting In Key Areas

Maximize the amount of light in your home making sure you don't introduce glare. Focus on key areas including the kitchen, entrance room, living room, dining and bedrooms, and ensure they contain attractive lighting. Any buyer inspecting your home will first see your extrance room or foyer, so this is important to get right, as it sets the first impression. If the entrance is small you can use a decorative scone. Chandeliers can be used for high-ceiling rooms.

Kitchen Lighting

In the past most kitchens contained a single ceiling light, however realize that times have moved on and buyers will expect much more. Many kitchen have downlights or tracked lighting. If cost is an issue, you may want to consider adhesive-backed lights. If the kitchen includes a pantry, a task light there is mandatory.

Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting should be enhanced to ensure that your buyers have the impression of soft, pleasant moods. For this reason avoid harsh lights, particulaly fluorescents.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great idea for improving your home lighting as they are portable. When you are choosing floor lamps, consider the following characteristics before installing them for home sales: the lamps must provide ample light; the colour of the lamp and the light must be appropriate for the room; and the cords must not be obtrusive. Well chosen floor lamps will decorate a room and be feature pieces in their own right.

Indoor Features

Ensure that features such as paintings and ornaments get the attention of your buyers. Use directed accent lights on these to focus attention to them.

Corner Room Lights

Corner lights are often used for decorative purpose but will ensure that potentially shadowed corners will be illuminated. You can use hidden lights behind sofas or cabinets to give a room a certain look, and walls will certainly look more beautiful.

Doorways and Exterior Lamps

The value and appeal of your home can be greatly enhanced by placing interesting and decorative lamps on your porch and front doors. Flood-lights, pathlights and spotlights are all great choices. For illuminating large outdoor areas, floodlights are often used.

Security Lighting

Security lights are a great selling feature, so install them before listing your house for sale. Various industry surveys have shown that homes with outdoor security lighting give the highest return on investment. Ensure your buyers are made aware of these.