Getting Cosy - Warmer Lighting Tips for Winter
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Getting Cosy - Warmer Lighting Tips for Winter

Ceiling Light Bulb

When winter starts to approach, it's only natural to give some thought to your home's heating levels. But it's not only simply heating sources that can warm us up in the dark, cooler nights of the winter months. The way that heating links into lighting sources is a subtle art, and one that deserves some investigation to stay happy and cosy in the home this winter. Here are some tips for warming up your lights!

Warm Lighting Ornament

Change the globes

Globes can vary hugely in power. The heat given off by them also depends on the type and model. There is such a thing as colour temperature, indicated by the Kelvin unit of the globe. High colour temperatures produce a cool overall glow. Low colour temperatures create a warm and cosy effect, just the thing for feeling warmer in the winter. Warmer light tends to be produced by reds, yellows and orange colours.

Using sconces for an intimate warmth

Sconces offer a great way to produce a soft and intimate level of lighting. Either attached to a wall or hidden away in a recess, the look of sconces can also recall past ages of candles burning away in a holder. This lower level of support lighting is a great way of bringing about a cosy and comfortable look and feel to a room.

Recessed and hidden lighting

Support lighting kept away from the front and centre of the room is capable of bringing a cosier warmth into the home. Having a lower level of light in a room actually makes it feel warmer, and subtle approaches to lighting can highlight different parts of the room in style. Downlights set to a low level of brightness produce a comfortable and homely feeling.

Led tunable white light

Mix it up

Try varying the overall light sources in a room to produce a different feeling of warmth. Shaded floor lamps and vintage table and desk lamps offer a different way to balance the overall light levels in the room. Mixing different light features can produce a greater feeling of warmth as the different pieces bring out the cosier aspects of a room.

Dimmer switches

Lower levels of light can curiously produce a warmer feeling. Danish designers- who know a thing or two about cosiness, or 'hygge' - are sure that an output of warm light in the home gives off positive feelings and homely comfort.

An easy way to lower lighting levels as required is with a dimmer switch or dimmable lamps. This will provide you with the means to fully control the lighting in the home and bring it down to a cosier level as required.