Classic Industrial Pendants and Lamps - Lighting Style
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Trusted by 38,000 home owners and 7,800 businesses
Trusted by 7,800 businesses and 38,000 home owners

Reinventing an Old Look - Classic Industrial Pendants and Lamps

Industrial lamps

Industrial style furniture and room layouts are increasingly popular in modern interior design. Making use of a classic industrial look in the home is a good route to take to provide a space with character and personality. This thinking is even more noticeable in lighting schemes than in other areas. Lighting set ups play a huge part in the look and feel of an interior, and applying a classic influence in the illumination of a space can pay out in delivering an expressive style.

An industrially influenced series of pendants and lamps offer a great way to instil a sense of permanence and lasting style. But where did this look come from, and how best to make use of it?

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Vintage Lighting Design

The real look of industrial lighting items originated in the 19th century and early 20th. As urban growth began to spread across cities worldwide, old areas previously marked as factories, warehouses and workplaces were taken over as living spaces.

Rather than trying to hide old features such as the industrial aspects of lamps and fittings, modern interior design aims to highlight these aspects in the home. The ability to draw attention to these parts of the home's style is just one of the ways that can sign post an interior as a sophisticated living space.

Antique bright

A Relaxed Light in the Bedroom

In the bedroom of the home, lights necessarily need to be attuned to a more relaxed intensity. A truly relaxing outlook can be realised when this is applied within an old style vintage industrial lamp.

You could try out various looks in the bedroom depending on if you need a general overview of illumination or a more specific direction of light. In effect, either free standing lamps or wall mounted lights could provide the right kind of lighting for the purpose. Lamps fitted to a wall space have the extra benefit of freeing up bedside space without the need for a bedside table.

Classic style

Study in Style

Lamps and lights focused on work benches and study desks also benefit from a rustic influence and classic look of industry. New designs of lamps mix contemporary shapes and angles with timeless colours and deliberately bold metallic exteriors. A suggestion of dramatic authority can work well in minimal study areas, with the new and the old combing to bring out a successful combination.

Fabrics are also used on occasion to soften the metallic industrial look. But in essence, the most successful applications of the industrial look suggest efficiency, endeavour and diligence - perfect for applied work and study.

By adding some industrial vintage lighting looks into the home, it is more than possible to enjoy a living space illuminated in style and character.