High Bay Lights Guide - Lighting Style
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Guide to High Bay Lights

Industrial structure lighting

If you happen to visit a large open indoor space and look up, you may well see a system of lights providing illumination for the entire area. This is given off by high bay lights, a system of lighting that allows optimum levels of brightness and visibility even in the widest of open spaces.

High bay lighting is generally found in commercial premises, warehouses and open industrial spaces. The lights are usually under the cover of a high roof, but some types are also available to operate as a weatherproof lighting fixture. Here is a guide to High Bay Lights and how they can work for the benefit of a variety of applications.

High Bay Lighting. What is it?

High bay lighting is often used to illuminate large open indoor spaces, such as factories, gyms, department stores and aircraft hangars. The reason why, is clear: they are able to light up a vast amount of area both vertically and horizontally. In a typical set up, the lights will be hanging from the ceiling by chains or hooks. Alternatively, the fixtures could be fitted directly on to the ceiling itself.

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Benefits of using LED for High Bay Lighting

Industrial lighting has in recent years seen a huge shift towards using LED technology. There are some very good reasons why. Here are the top benefits of using LED in high bay lighting systems.

Less Maintenance

LED lighting products last much longer than regular light bulbs or globes. This increased life span means much less changing of lights will be required for the space to operate with sufficient lighting levels. On average, LED high bay lighting products will last for up to ten times longer than other lighting options, such as florescent lights.

In wide open spaces which need high volumes of visibility and illumination this is an obvious advantage, as the downtime involved in making regular changes to lighting products installed high above the ground would be considerable. LED high bay lighting minimises this problem.

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Better Quality of Light

LED lighting does not suffer from the occasional flickering effect sometimes present in fluorescent lighting systems. They are also able to provide an evenly balanced distribution of light across a large area with less distortion and more regularity. LED lights do not require warming up before being operated, so no time is lost after being switched on.

Energy Efficiency

As well as being long lasting and durable, LEDs are also extremely energy efficient. Energy saving is a prime reason why so many businesses and organisations have moved over to LEDs for high bay lighting. LED lighting systems use less power than other alternatives, and using less power means spending less money. Smart sensors can also be used with high bay lights, further increasing efficiency and minimising power wastage and costs.

Environmental Commitment

LED lights are an environmentally responsible method of illuminating a space. By cutting down on energy wastage and using less power in an efficient way, a commitment to the environment can be clearly demonstrated and highlighted.