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Light Bulbs

Shop our light bulbs online today. We have Australia's largest light bulb range. Our light bulbs include E27 globes, B22 globes, B15 globes, E14 globes, GU10 globes and much more. Applications for light bulbs include homes, offices, retail shops, apartments, hotels and factories.

Light Bulbs

We have a number of different lights bulbs.

LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs don't have filaments. Instead, they use special materials (called 'solid-state semiconductors') that emit light when electricity passes through them. LED light globes have a very long life (20,000 hours), generate almost no UV or heat, and are very efficient. They are the new in-thing in the light world and are very cost effective. The one downside with LEDs, however, is that are directional making them great for task lighting but not for general room illumination.

LED Candles

The candle light bulb is elongated in shape, and is designed for decorative purposes to mimic a real candle.

LED Tubes

LED tubes are the new replacement to fluorescent tubes. They are mercury free, directional (which can be a disadvantage), do not burn out by turning them on/off, are more efficient, do not flicker, have a large lifespan and are more shatterproof.

Compact Fluorescent Globes

Compact Fluorescent Globes (also known as Compact Fluorescent Lights, or CFLs) are also very energy efficient and last 10 times longer than normal light globes. Unlike fluorescent tubes, they are quiet, instant-on and have a warmer tone. They can be used anywhere you would use a normal light bulb. Their downside is that they are prone to decreased life when you use them in short burst and are not as good in colder temperatures.

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes are sealed glass tubes containing an inert gas (usually argon) and a tiny drop of mercury. They save about 70% of the energy used by normal light globes and last longer as well. However they are noisy, can flicker and their colour is harsh.

Vintage Filament Globes

Vintage filament globes (also called antique light bulbs or Edison light bulbs) have clear glass envelopes and beautifully designed, intricate filaments. They are highly decorative and emit a very flattering warm light. They have become extremely popular in homes, restaurants and bars. They are often hung with the naked globe showing.

LED Vintage Filament Globes

LED globes have until recently looked fairly unconventional. LED vintage filament globes have changed all that. They look just like their incandescent vintage counterparts thanks to a unique new LED technology.

Infra-red Globes

Infrared globes are those that emit heat rather than light.

Industrial Globes

Industrial globes are generally used in transparent or caged light fixtures.

Shop by Category
  • B22 LED Filament Globe - 4W 400lm B22 2700K Clear Dimmable
  • G4 LED Globe - 12V 3W 300lm 4000K Clear Non-Dimmable
  • E27 LED Filament Globe - 5W 300lm E27 2200K 170mm Clear Dimmable
  • MR16 LED Globe - 12V 7W 590lm 5000K 45mm White Non-Dimmable
  • E27 LED Globe - 8W 750lm 3000K 115mm Opal Non-Dimmable
  • T9 Long Cigar Vintage Filament Globe - E27 25W 885mm
  • Filament Globe - E27 25W 2700K 125mm
  • E27 PAR 38 Reflector Globe - 15W 60lm IP65 134mm Blue
  • E27 PAR 38 Reflector Globe - 15W 250lm IP65 134mm Green
  • LED Coloured Globe - E27 15W 150lm IP65 134mm Red
  • LED Coloured Globe - E27 15W 1050lm IP65 134mm Yellow
  • LED Globe - E27 5W 360lm 138mm White
  • LED Globe - E27 5W 360lm 176mm White
  • Dimmable LED Globe - B22 9W 860lm 4200K 110mm White
  • E27 LED Globe - 5W 450lm 3000K 110mm White
  • B22 LED Globe - 7W 620lm 4200K 110mm White
  • PAR E27 LED Globe - 10W 850lm IP66 4200K 135mm White
  • LED Filament Globe - Round B22 115lm 2400K 109mm 1.5W
  • Fireworks Effect Globe - Round B22 50lm 164mm 4W Firework
  • Fireworks Effect Globe - Round E27 50lm 164mm 4W Firework
  • Fireworks Effect Globe - B22 50lm 140mm 4W
  • Fireworks Effect Globe - E27 50lm 140mm 4W
  • E27 LED Globe - Round 5000K 640lm 103mm 8W White
  • E27 LED Globe - Round 3000K 810lm 114mm 10W White
  • MR16 Green Globe - Round 12V 50lm 46mm 5W
  • E27 Elliptical Globe - Rounded 5000K 260lm 80.5mm 3W White
  • GU10 Blue Globe - 65lm 56mm 5W
  • GU10 Green Globe - 50lm 56mm 5W
  • GU10 Red Globe - 50lm 56mm 5W
  • B22 LED Globe - Rounded 5000K 850lm 109mm 10W Frosted
  • B22 LED Globe - Rounded 5000K 490lm 108mm 6W Frosted
  • E27 LED Globe - Rounded 5000K 1107lm 124mm 13W Frosted
  • Fancy Globe - Rounded 3000K 235lm 80mm 3W E14 White
  • E27 Elliptical Globe - Candle Shaped 3000K 3200lm 280mm 45W White
  • E27 Elliptical Globe - Candle Shaped 5000K 3800lm 280mm 45W White
  • E27 Elliptical Globe - Candle Shaped 3000K 1700lm 235mm 25W White
  • Bug Globe - 1500K 113mm 7W Insect Yellow
  • LED Flame Effect Globe - 1300K 150lm Non-Dimmable 5W White
  • Bug Globe - 1500K 110mm 7W Insect Yellow
  • 54W Daylight E40 LED Cornlight
    $426 $270
  • 36W Daylight LED Corn Light
    $378 $239
  • 36W Warm White LED Cornlight
    $378 $239
  • 27W LED Cornlight 5500K E27
    $324 $205
  • 20W Daylight LED Cornlight
    $317 $200
  • 12W Dimmable Natural White BC LED Globe
  • 22W Natural White LED T8 Retrofit Tube With Microwave Sensor
  • 18W LED Frosted Glass Tube 4FT 6500K IP20
  • 10W Natural White LED T8 Retrofit Tube With Microwave Sensor

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