Using Lighting To Make Rooms Seem Larger - Lighting Style
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Using Lights to Enlarge a Room

Living room lighting

Lighting is an essential part of the process in making spaces seem bigger than they actually are. The presence of light and shadow, and how different lighting techniques are used, can all make a difference in various interiors.

As more people decide to use smaller spaces for living and working in, either due to necessity or conversions, it is a good idea to explore how to create a sense of greater dimensions in an interior.

If you happen to be struggling to make a spare room seem more spacious, or you want to bring out all the angles in a home office, or any other kind of room enlargement, take a look at the following. These tips are key ways for using lights to enlarge a room.

Modern minimalist lighting

Track Lighting

Track lights are available in a range of cool styles and shapes. Varying from modern and contemporary, to the classic and industrial looks of time gone by, they are a good option for a variety of spaces. When it comes to making a room appear bigger, they take up less eye space than other forms of lighting.

Each of the light heads on a track can be directed to illuminate a particular part of the room. Any dimly lit corners will be brightened as you decide where to beam the light. Light can also be bounced off the ceiling and walls to brighten any other part of the room.

Recessed Lighting

Large lamps hanging from the ceiling or positioned on an already crowded floor can make a room seem cramped. For this reason, an organised collection of recessed lighting is a good way to provide lighting in a smaller interior space. Recessed lights provide a means of task lighting in a room where every bit of space count.

Natural light

Natural Light

Judging the best way to use natural light is an important part of creating a sense of space. Even if the room only has one window, you can use it to your distinct advantage. Make sure windows are as unobstructed as possible. Thick curtains will take away the brightening qualities of the light from outside. Try not to put large objects such as plants directly in front of the windows.

Colorful light

Use Colour to Maximum Effect

As interior designers will tell you, colour schemes have a big impact on how spacious a room feels. White and light colours on ceilings and walls help to create a feeling of spaciousness and depth in the room. Darker colours can make an interior feel smaller and more hemmed in. Brightly coloured accessories and furniture will also make a difference. Careful positioning of mirrors where possible also helps to bring out definition and space through refection.

Light up with LED

It is best to try out a combination of different effects to find out the best means of making a space bigger. LED is a cost efficient and practical way of lighting any room. In smaller interiors you can use lights with a wider beam coverage. They can be focused and directed to bring out every corner of the space. They are also available in cooler colour temperatures, meaning they give out little or no excess heat.