Elegant Wall Sconces - A Perfect Update for Your Bedroom Lighting
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Elegant Wall Sconces - A Perfect Update for Your Bedroom Lighting

Clinton Hotel Wall Sconce

A wall sconce is a type of light fixture that should never be underrated in the style stakes. Offering plenty of opportunity for use within a specific design theme and setting, sconces allow a creative fluidity in which to use in the bedroom. Here are some of the key ways they can re energise your bedroom lighting output.

Space saving

The design and construction of the wall brackets mean that you can save lots of space in the bedroom by simply attaching to the walls without any additional support. With wall sconces providing plenty of light for reading, you won't have any need for large lamps taking up room on bedside tables.

Space saving Wall Sconce

A point of reference

Wall sconces brought together as a pair can act as a central point in the bedroom. The lights are great for drawing the viewer's eye to a certain part of the wall that demands attention. Double sconce designs are great for doubling the light output as well as the style.

Sconces can also be used to frame features in the bedroom. For example, using wall sconces instead of a standard head board is a daring and contemporary way to showcase the space at the top of the bed.

Striking Contrast

Shape and contrast

All sizes of sconces can provide a striking contrast with a dark bedroom wall. The various kinds of metallic sheens available in the latest design of wall sconces work well in this regard, and create an attractive feature in the bedroom. Similarly, black or dark sconces can provide a strong definition on walls of pale colour.

Adjustable form of lighting

Adjustable and adaptable

Wall sconces provide an adjustable form of lighting that is great for smaller bedrooms. Try securing them directly above the bed to bring out a fantastic provision of lighting. The cords powering the elegant light sources can be easily hidden away behind the bed's frame making the space tidier and more manageable- two things always welcomed in a bedroom space!

By using wall sconces with swing arms, you can adjust the light source to your preference for reading in bed. This, plus the fact that there are a wide variety of styles and designs to take a look at, makes wall sconces a great way to reestablish modern style and context at the heart of the bedroom's lighting output.