How to Brighten Up Your Bedroom - Lighting Style
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How to Best Brighten up Your Bedroom

Bedroom light

Of all the interiors in the home, the bedroom is the place that you want to be the most relaxing and comfortable. In an ideal world it acts as a peaceful refuge, and a space to leave the stresses and strains of the outside world behind. However, as we all know, life has a habit of encroaching into every part of the home. For this reason, as well as being relaxing, bedroom lighting needs to be an effective multi-tasker. Here are few tips to making the most of your choices in bedroom lighting.

Ambient light

Get the overall ambient lighting right

Probably the most important part of a room's lighting effect is the overall ambience of the interior. This means you will need to pay attention to the natural light sources coming through windows and sky lights that have an effect on the visibility and brightness levels. Supplementing the natural light through overhead lighting products such as pendants, chandeliers and downlights is the best way to bring out a good level of luminosity.

Task lighting - focusing on activities

Task lighting is the term given to lighting fixtures highlighting specific activities. These could include reading, working at a desk or various creative tasks. Think about using sconces or pendant lights attached near the bed to brighten up the particular action. Indeed, the thing to remember is that the light should serve an aid to sustained concentration, and not be distracting or uncomfortable.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting - highlighting specific parts of the room

Accent lighting refers to the act of highlighting a specific point or an object, such as a piece of artwork in a particular part of the room. By using fixtures such as wall sconces and picture lights you can create a relaxed and attractive brightness focused on exactly where you want it to be. When used without the main room lights, the accent lighting really allows the bedroom to become a warm and inviting part of the home.

Using the dimmer

Lights with a dimmer switch allow you full control over the bedroom's overall brightness. Specific tasks like reading may well require lower levels of brightness which can then be increases as and when desired. Different moods and effects can then be achieved through specific use of the dimming function on lamps and fixtures.

Colour and shape

The colour, shape and overall design of lamps and lighting features also has an effect on the bedroom's style. Keeping things to theme makes sense, but bear in mind that colourful effects can also be realised through the use of different LED globes. Decorative globes and florescent tube lighting fixtures are able to produce striking effects in the bedroom. It could well be that with a little experimentation, you could find the perfect solution to a comfortable and perfectly well lit room.