Making a Boring Room Exciting Through Lighting - Lighting Style
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How to Make a Boring Room, Exciting

Hotel bedroom light

Every building has a room in it that is not especially exciting. This could be down to the architectural structure, the interior design or simply because it has not had enough attention. Thankfully there's something that can be done about even the most boring of rooms. Basically, you need to turn the lights on in style.

Getting creative with the lighting in an interior can have a transformative effect. You can turn what was once a dull room into a dynamic and individual space for whatever aspect of your life you want to concentrate on. Follow these tips to get the most out of a space in style.

Use Accent Lighting to Full Effect

Accent lighting is the prime way to draw attention to features of the room. Even the most boring of rooms can have an interesting slant put on it through clever highlighting. Coloured accent lights are a good idea to bring about a quirky, inspiring look to the room. At the same time, you could also put a few more interesting items of furniture around, even the smallest of box rooms will have space for a shelf. This shelf can have exciting artistic objects on it which can then be illuminated with coloured accent lighting.

Orange pendant lamp

Get Adventurous With Ceiling Fixtures

Chances are the ceiling fixtures are the first lighting aspect of a room anyone will notice. For that reason, it's a good idea to get rid of the tired and boring light that's been there for ages and swap it for something way more exciting. A bold fixture is key to transforming a space and can really change the way you, and everyone else, looks at the room. Find something that you love that fits in with your individual style and think creatively.

Multicolor Light

Bring Out the Colours

Use of colour is key to changing the overall look of a room. Exciting and bright colours help to make a room look completely different. What was once an underdeveloped and overlooked interior can quickly become an exciting and energetic space. Just think colourfully about the lighting! Flamboyant and colourful pendant lights are a good way of making a space more exciting and flairful. Coloured globes, orbs and exterior wiring bring a playful touch to a formerly plain room. Colour helps to remodel an interior in a dynamic way.

Lighting atmosphere wall

Cover the Walls in Light

Bringing the walls of a room to attention is a technique that will markedly change a room's whole impact. Washing the walls with light projected from a variety of spaces drastically improves the viability and vitality of the interior. LED strip lighting running along walls is a great way to produce a powerful effect. You could also think about directional lighting highlighting every angle of the walls and their corners. Covering the whole wall in light creates an exciting effect that the entire room will benefit from.