Making the Most of Track Lights - Lighting Style
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Making the Most of Track Lighting

Spotter light

Track lighting offers a versatile system of powering spot lights, pendant lights and floodlights via a continuous rail or track. Depending on a room's design, tracks can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Through the use of hidden conductors, it allows a discreet and smart way to light up an interior from an electrical box.

Sometimes unfairly seen as an out of date lighting system, in recent years track lighting has undergone something of a revival. Many interior designers have come to reassess its value as a convenient and simple method of illuminating indoor spaces in style.

Adaptability Lighting

Usefulness and Adaptability

Central to the rethinking on track lighting is its core practicality and usefulness. Track lighting– also known as rail lighting– can be a lifesaver in homes where the walls and ceilings demand a different option.

For example, if an interior's ceiling is unsuitable for recessed lighting and the space needs a tidy lighting system, track lighting could offer a solution. The light fixtures are held securely to the track and can be positioned close to the ceiling, well out of sight lines. In this way, eyes are drawn to the room itself and what the lights are directed at, and not the track.

The DIY usefulness of track systems is a prime factor in its popularity. In effect, a single box can be used to run any number of lights in any given interior without the need for extensive re-wiring jobs or modifications. In some ways it works like an extension cord for lights, across walls or ceilings.

Lighting Style

Application Within a Chosen Style

Another important factor in the value of track lighting is its flexibility. Essentially, so long as the lamps are compatible with the track, it can be used to accommodate whichever particular style of lamps are chosen.

But even more than the style of the lamps, the main advantage of track lighting lies in its ability to focus on a particular area. By using spot lights on a track or rail, a certain area of an interior can be illuminated. This may include a work of art, a specific piece of furniture or an otherwise neglected area of hallway or kitchen.

Hallways and Corridors

Traditionally, track lighting has been a popular choice in hallways and corridors. And for good reason, as a long corridors can appear dull and poorly lit if only relying on ceiling mounted lights. A system of track lighting provides a uniform level of lighting so the whole area can enjoy the same standard of lighting across a long area.

Track lighting is also highly useful if you use your hall ways to display wall art, as the lights can be angled to suit the illumination needed. The degree of practicality offered by this is another example of how track lighting offers fresh ideas for lighting up an interior.

Perhaps more than anything else, track lighting allows designers and residents to experiment with lighting a space without the need for major structural change or rework. It offers a quick, flexible and practical way to try out new ideas in the home safely and conveniently.