Low Ceiling Lighting - Lighting Style
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How to Light a Room With a Low Ceiling

Rooms with low ceilings

Rooms with low ceilings are a common problem when trying to work out a lighting plan. Finding the ideal fixture for the ceiling and the height between ceiling and floor is not always easy when there's less room to play with. Rooms with low ceilings (8 ft and under) can appear crowded and mismatched when lit with an overhanging ceiling light.

It's recommended that there should be at least enough space to walk through the room without colliding into the light fixture - say 6 ft most households. This only leaves around 1.5 ft of hanging space to use for a ceiling light. Not an easy task, but thankfully there are some valuable techniques to light a room with a low ceiling and avoid it appearing too low.

Here are some tips for how best to light a room with a low ceiling.

Wall light

Use Uplighting and Wall Lights

A practical solution to lighting rooms with low ceilings is to avoid a central ceiling fixture all together. Think about using uplighting methods and wall mounted lights. Wall fixtures help to create a warm and comfortable feeling without any need to emphasise the distance between floor and ceiling.

Sconces and wall lights come in a variety of different styles and shapes. Striking designs and textured finishes can bring a style to the room all of its own. The low ceiling of the room is lessened in impact, and the room benefits from a different lighting approach.

Bring focus to furniture

Draw Attention Away from the Ceiling

A well-designed lighting plan for the room can help to distract from the relative small space between ceiling and floor. Use accent lighting to bring focus to furniture, artworks and ornamental items around the room. Floor lamps of distinctive style help to capture the overall interior design and character of the room.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Generally speaking, ambient lighting is the overall light in the interior. It is not the main source, or the most powerful. When thinking about layered lighting, it is the ambient lighting that puts a good balance and texture to the whole level of lighting.

Recessed LED lights are a good way to add ambient light to a room with a low ceiling. These lights are not hanging from the ceiling and help to keep the ceiling line level. It is possible to create the illusion of a higher ceiling, as the eye usually expects a light to be lower rather than recessed in the actual ceiling line.

Minimal and Contemporary Lighting

There are a wide variety of sleek and defined light fittings that do not rely on the ceiling space to illuminate a room. Simple and minimal designed globes and floor lamps with clear edges and straight lines help to produce a look that defines a space without relying on ceiling height.