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Guide to Efficient Restaurant Lighting

Candle Lights

It's fair to say that restaurants are big energy consumers. The lighting set ups in restaurants account for a large percentage of their overall energy use. Thankfully, there are always steps that can be taken to improve the efficiency of restaurant lighting. The following are some useful tips on how to cultivate an efficient system of lighting in your restaurant.

Change the Lights

If you're still using traditional incandescent globes to light your restaurant you could be wasting up to 75% of the energy used to power those lights. The overflow of energy is usually given off as heat, making an environment susceptible to overheating even hotter.

Older types of lighting products consume more power and project more heat than newer energy efficient bulbs. Think about updating the restaurant's lighting products to more up to date types such as LEDs or compact fluorescent lamps and globes.

LEDs are the most efficient type of lighting, using far less energy for the same level of luminosity of a typical incandescent. LEDs also last far longer than older alternatives, proving up to 50,000 hours of light. This obviously means fewer replacements, and after the initial outlay, represents a far more efficient option.

Decorative lights for bar restaurant

Control the Lights

Having total control over a restaurant's lighting is another way to save energy. Being able to adjust and set the lighting levels according to mood and ambience, not only provides the intimate atmosphere desired for dining, but it also furthers a lighting source's life and saves energy. A dimmer control compatible with the restaurant's lighting should therefore be a manager's best friend.

Sensors also help to make sure that energy is not being wasted. Unoccupied closets and rooms don't need the lights on all the time, and sensors can tell whether or not they are in use and have the lights on or off as required.

LED Accent Lights

If the restaurant uses accent lights to highlight pictures, artwork and displays, consider using LEDs. As with the main lighting system, LED accent lights use less energy and stand to make you noticeable savings in both money and energy.

The latest designs of LED accent lights also appear in a variety of new and innovative styles and fittings. They could help the restaurant not only operate like a modern and sophisticated business, but also look like one too.

Exit Lights

Change the Signage

Another way to make some valuable savings is to change the essential display signs directing to the exits and bathrooms of the restaurant. If you replace old incandescent and fluorescent signs with LED powered ones, you will make some definite savings in energy consumption. Not only that, but after the first purchase of the new lights you will have a much tidier energy bill as well. To save energy and money at the same time sounds like a good idea.