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Outdoor Lanterns and Coach Lights

Outdoor Lanterns Guide

Outdoor lanterns (also called coach lights) are incredibly beautiful fixtures.

Tips to Outdoor Lanterns

  • If the outdoor lantern is being hung above a door, make sure the bottom of the lantern has at least 15 cm (6 inches) clearance.
  • If the outdoor lantern is being hung on a wall, the centre of the lantern should be about 1.7 metres above the ground.
  • If the outdoor lantern is being mounted on a pole, then the pole should be about 1.7-2 metres (5.5 -6.5 feet) in height.
  • Outdoor lanterns should always have globes that are rated for damp environments.
  • Be careful about the brightness of the globe you choose for your outdoor lanterns - you do not want to blind your neighbors.