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Online Lighting | Lighting Style


We are one of the biggest and most popular online lighting stores in Australia. We carry light fittings only from established lighting wholesalers in Australia, which means you get top quality lights at the very best prices - bar none! Our care and dedication is reflected in the fact that many of our customers come back. We provide fantastic service with full guarantee, backed by manufacturer warranty, and fast shipping anywhere in Australia.


Many lighting websites simply on-sell, which means that they purchase from another retailer, and simply re-sell the light. The problem with that is that they cannot provide the warranty direct and they cost more. We, on the other hand, are AUTHORIZED retailers for all the lights on our online store, which means you are protected and you get the best prices.


We most definitely do NOT just put any ugly thing on our website - which seems to be the norm these days. For a light fixture to be on our website, it must be well priced, high quality AND beautiful! Whether you prefer modern or traditional lights, you will find products on Lighting Style that will enhance your home, outdoors or office. We sell lights online only, thereby avoiding the costs and inefficiencies associated with store-front retailing. That efficiency in cost and service is directly passed on to our customers.


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