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Batten Fixes

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Batten Fixes

Batten fixes are lamp holders connected to the ceiling. Batten fixes are designed to be attached directly to the pre-existing suspension or attachment. The huge advantage of DIY fittings is that they do not require an electrician to install - thus saving you money and time. They are the perfect choice for handymen that allow you to change the style and look of your home any time easily, quickly and cheaply.

Tips on batten fixes:

  • Always turn off your circuit breaker (not just the light switch) before changing your light fitting.
  • Go for minimalist looks - these invariably work the best.
  • Always use all the brackets provided with the DIY light fitting, and ensure the brackets are attached to the ceiling extremely well.
  • If the light fitting wires are too long, use a wire stripper with built-in bolt cutters.
  • The hardest thing is to hold the light fitting while you attach it, because connecting a fixture takes three hands: one to hold the fixture and two to connect it. Easy to solve! Simply bend a scrap of wire to support the fixture while you wire it. Put one end of the wire into the ceiling, and the other end make into a hook that holds the batten fix.

Types of batten fixes:

  • Flush Mounted fittings: these attach directly without any gap between them and the ceiling. They are perfect for homes with low ceilings.
  • Pendant fittings: these hang down from the ceiling by a chain or a metal rod.
  • Shades: these are the shade part of the lights and are meant for situations when you want to replace the shade only, while keeping the original light.