Solar Lamp Post With Motion Sensor Straight Head 200lm IP44 1870mm

Product Code: 37644In Stock

Solar Lamp Post With Motion Sensor Straight Head 200lm IP44 1870mm

Product Code: 37644In Stock
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Introducing the Solar Post Light with Straight Head, a sleek and efficient lighting solution ideal for illuminating driveways, walkways, gardens, landscapes, waterfronts, pontoons, jetties, and pool areas. This light features a high-performance integrated polycrystalline solar panel that powers 19 SMD LEDs, each rated at 0.2W, delivering reliable and bright lighting.

Equipped with a 3.7V 2.2Ah lithium battery, the Solar Post Light ensures dependable operation throughout the night. After a full charge, it can provide illumination for 6-8 hours, enhancing the safety and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. The built-in pyro-electric infrared sensor detects motion, activating the light for one minute to conserve energy. Additionally, the motion detection can be deactivated, allowing the light to remain at 70% brightness for up to five hours continuously.

The light offers a versatile color temperature, emitting warm white light at lower brightness levels and cool white light at higher brightness levels, making it suitable for various settings and moods. The clear glass diffuser ensures a uniform light distribution, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Constructed from robust aluminum with a stylish black finish, this Solar Post Light stands at a total height of 1870mm, with the head measuring 270mm in width and 370mm in height. Its IP44 rating certifies that it is dust-proof and weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance in diverse weather conditions.

Upgrade your outdoor illumination with the Solar Post Light with Straight Head, and enjoy the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and style. Supported by a one-year warranty, this light is an excellent addition to any exterior environment, providing both security and elegance.

Two mode motion activation:

Mode 1 (low brightness): a single LED is triggered by the photo-electric cell at dusk, and remains on for the duration of the night. This provides a pleasant ambience as well as enough light to know where you’re heading.

Mode 2 (high brightness): when the motion sensor detects movement, all remaining LEDs are activated, giving a bright, wide-area bright light for you to see exactly what you’re doing. Once triggered, an electronic timer keeps the full complement of LEDs on for 1 minute, even when you’ve walked out of the motion sensors range – so you won’t be surprised by a sudden loss of light when you might need it most. After a minute, the light returns to Mode 1 until the motion sensor is triggered again and the process is repeated.

The two modes means you can have the solar light operational for the entire night, even if the day was not fully sunny. 

TYPE: Solar Post Light - Straight Head
APPLICATIONS: Driveways, walkways, gardens, landscapes, waterfronts, pontoons, jetties and pool areas
SOLAR PANEL: Built in integrated polycrystalline 
LED: 19 x SMD LEDs at 0.2W each
BATTERY: 1 x 3.7V 2.2Ah Lithium battery built in
SENSOR TIME: 1 minute sensor run time 
LIGHT: 6-8 hours at night with full charge
SENSOR: Pyro-electric infrared
SENSOR OVERRIDE: Motion detection can be optionally turned off, giving 70% full brightness continuously for up 5 hours
COLOUR TEMP: Warm white low brightness / cool white high brightness 
DIFFUSER: Clear glass
HEIGHT: 1870mm (total height)
HEAD: 270mm width x 370mm height
WATTAGE: 3.6W LEDs and 2.4W solar panel
IP RATING: IP44 (dust-proof and weather-resistant) 
LUMENS: 200 lumens 
MATERIAL: Aluminium post
WARRANTY: 1 year