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Lighting Fixtures

This article examines the different types of lighting fixtures.

Pendant Lights

A pendant light is a fixture which hangs from the ceiling. It is different from a chandelier in that it has no arms, whereas a chandelier usually has multiple arms. There are many styles of pendants. Inverted pendant lights direct the Ambient light upward, and are often used to provide soft-lighting above dining tables. A downlight pendant provides focused lighting on a particular spot, and can be used for task illumination. A mini pendant light, generally less than 30 cm wide with 40 or 60 Watt bulbs, can be used to illuminate small working spaces.


A chandelier is a fixture which hangs from the ceiling and has multiple arms, each with one or more bulbs. Chandeliers not only provide excellent lighting, but are also very decorative fixtures used in many homes. The most common areas where chandeliers are used are in entrances, foyers and dining rooms. However they are becoming increasingly popular in other rooms. Unless your house is grand and huge with very high ceilings, our recommendation is to choose mini-chandeliers.

Bathroom Lights

Bathroom lights should be purchased keeping functionality in mind, but these lights can also give your bathroom lovely ambience. Safety is of primary importance to ensure that water and electricity do not mix, so lights and switches should be enclosed and shielded. Many bathrooms use a central ceiling light for ambient light, which is close-mounted. Special bathroom downlights are also available for showers and baths, which are sealed against leak and condensation. Mirror and shaver lights are also used as task lights, which often have a pull cord.

Bunker Lights

Bunker lights are surface mounted round or rectangular fixtures. They are designed for outdoor areas and can withstand harsh outdoor weather.


A sconce is a light fixture that uses only the wall for support. The light is usually directed up. It does not have a base on the ground. Tranditionally it applied to torches and candles, but modern sconces are electric. They are often used in small entries, long passages and stairways.


Touchiers are lovely looking slim lighting fixtures with a metal body and shade. They direct light towards walls and ceiling and light up your working area. They often come with dimmers.