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The Ultimate Lighting Design Trick

Our crew at Lighting Style have been around lights for a very long time - and a question that we often get asked is: what would be the one interior design lighting change to my house that would radically improve it?

Almost everyone either expects there to be no real answer or an extremely expensive answer. But in fact there is a design trick that will absolutely transform your house, one that you have probably seen yourself but did not consciously realize its impact.

What is even more exciting is that this sophisticated designer trick is something that anyone can put in place in their home, irrespective of the style of their home or the existing decor - without spending tens of thousands of dollars on sky-lights, changing furniture, etc. The trick is intelligent, subtle, will get you lots of compliments and will lift your home to new heights of chic.

The trick is simple: put a multi-light fixture above your dining table, kitchen table or kitchen island.

Here are a couple of images that provide proof, in terms of before and after. Look carefully how much better the after looks!

Before and After - 1

Before and After - 2

For a dining and kitchen tables, you can even go one step further to make that effect look perfect... ensure that the arrangement of the multi-light fixtures mimics the arrangement of chairs around the table.

Some further examples of this trick in action are shown below.

Multi Light - 1

Multi Light - 2

Multi Light - 3

Multi Light - 4

Multi Light - 5