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Table Lamps

Buy our table lamps online today. We have Australia's largest lighting range. Our table lamps include classic table lamps, touch table lamps, modern table lamps, table lamps with shades and timber table lamps. Applications for table lamps include homes, bars, restaurants, hotels and resorts.
Table Lamps

What is a Table Lamp?

A table lamp is an indoor lighting fixture that stands on a table and has a base, a globe and a shade. Table lamps can be used either for general lighting or for task lighting in which a particular activity needs to be illuminated. Most table lamps are positioned in living rooms and bedrooms.

Table Lamps Tips

  • Modern, angular and minimalist lamps are definitely in. However, make sure the your lamps do not conflict with the room's decor.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient lighting to be comfortable, particularly if you will be reading by the light of the lamp. 
  • The shade of the lamp should not be wider than the table it is sitting on.
  • If you are installing bedside table lamps on both sides of the bed, both of the lamps need to be the same.
  • Always use frosted globes to reduce glare.
  • Remember that lamps cast shadows, so consider this carefully when choosing your lamp.
  • Touch lamps are a great idea when you do not want to have to stretch.
  • Table lamp globes should be warm white.
  • Table Lamp - B22 40W 660mm Black and Gold
  • Table Lamp - 60W IP20 E27 530mm Steel Blue
  • Touch Lamp - Smooth Unique Shaped 175mm 25W Copper Finish
  • Simple Table Lamp White and Brass Complete
  • Contemporary Glass Stepped Table Lamp - Yellow
  • Table Lamp - B22 40W 610mm Champagne
  • Table Lamp - 25W E27 185mm Natural Wood
  • Table Lamp - 18W E14 280mm Powder Blue
  • Table Lamp - 42W E27 500mm Marble with Matte Black
  • Table Lamp - 42W E27 520mm Chrome and White
  • Table Lamp - 42W E27 540mm Timber and White
  • Table Lamp - 42W E27 325mm Timber and Black
  • Table Lamp - 60W IP20 E27 550mm Silver
  • Table Lamp - Chic Drum E27 470mm 72W Black and Timber
  • Table Lamp - Traditional  Lantern 390mm 3W Gloss White
  • Table Lamp - Sleek Taupe Finished Wood 419mm 60W Wood and Nickel
  • Table Lamp - Sleek Winter Moss Finished Wood 419mm 60W Wood and Nickel
  • Table Lamp - Modern Adjustable 660mm 40W Antique Silver
  • Urn Table Lamp Base Antique Silver - SHF
  • Table Lamp - Ceramic SHN
    $734 $525
  • Table Lamp - Green CRB
    $510 $307
  • Table Lamp - Large MER
    $508 $390
  • LED Table Light Ambient Wax Candle Cylinder Shape
  • LED Table Light Ambient 3 x Candle Cylinders - Remote Control
  • Chic Modern Clear Glass Complete Table Lamp
  • Drum Concrete Complete Table Lamp
  • Embossed Pewter Complete Table Lamp
  • Chic Modern White Ceramic Complete Table Lamp
  • Oriel Nolita Table Lamp and Shade Copper
  • Bol Orange Decal Complete Table Lamp
  • Table and Desk Lamps | VENETO series: Aged Decorative Light - 2 Globe Table Lamp
  • Table Lamp - B22 40W 740mm Burgundy and White
  • Table Lamp - 42W E27 250mm Black
  • Table Lamp - 60W IP20 E27 680mm Chrome and Black
  • Table Lamp - Sleek Capsule Shape 490mm 40W Matte Black
  • Touch Lamp - Smooth Unique Shaped 175mm 25W Pewter
  • Touch Lamp - Smooth Unique Shaped 175mm 25W White
  • Table Lamp - Silver - NNT
    $418 $279
  • Table Lamp In Silver Finish - PMP
  • Deep Base Antique Brass Complete Table Lamp
  • Remarkable Buddha Head Chinese Lamp with Shade
  • Contemporary Table Lamp Complete Blush Pink
  • Contemporary Table Lamp Complete Black
  • Copenhagen Timber and Glass Table Lamp - Clear
  • Table Lamp - E27 60W 220mm Satin Chrome
  • Table Lamp - E27 60W 250mm Copper
  • Table Lamp - E27 60W 250mm Chrome
  • Table Lamp - E27 60W 470mm Blue

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