Security Lighting Guide - Lighting Style
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Trusted by 38,000 home owners and 7,800 businesses
Trusted by 7,800 businesses and 38,000 home owners

Guide to Security Lighting

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Everyone wants to live in a home that is safe and secure. A reassuring feeling of safety is provided by having a proper system of security in place. Lighting is a big part of this and it's always wise to ensure you have a good level of confidence in your security lighting systems. Here is a guide to security lighting to put you on the right track.

Motion Sensor Lights

A popular choice for many homes and businesses when considering security lighting options are motion sensor lights. Motion activated lights are a superb method of protecting a building. They will instantly provide a powerful beam of light whenever movement is detected in the desired space, diverting any intended break-ins or burglaries.

Motion sensor lights also have the potential to save money on energy bills. As the lights will only turn on when motion is detected, the rest of the time they will be on standby and not using up any energy or power.

Motion detector

How Motion Sensor Lights Work

A motion sensor detects movement where there shouldn't be any motion. When linked to a lighting system, they can illuminate a specified area when the sensor is activated. The light will then flood around the space, illuminating anything and everything in its beam.

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights

Solar powered motion sensor lights operate in the same way as other motion sensor security lighting systems, but are powered by solar energy. This provides further savings in power bills, while also acting as a clear deterrent against criminal activity or unwanted intrusions.

Security lighting


Floodlights are often the appropriate measure to take for lighting security in outdoor spaces. As the name suggests, these lights are able to flood an area with illumination either manually, at timed intervals or triggered through motion detection.

Providing a practical solution to security lighting questions either for commercial or residential property, floodlights are a flexible and adaptable means of extra security. Some of the lighting products bring adjustable settings with brightness, timing settings and illumination range all changeable.

LED Security Lights

LED is a practical form of lighting in many ways and can offer a sensible method of security. Many motion sensor lighting systems incorporate LED into their designs, with a clear emphasis on a reliable and long range arc of illumination. LED security lighting systems are also easy to install and take care of, with a range of options available. There are also weatherproof products on offer, with the capacity to operate outside under damp, hot or cold weather conditions.

Dark fence light

Perimeter Lighting

Taking care of the full extent of a home or business's grounds is integral to having an overall security plan. It therefore makes sense to think about perimeter security lighting. There are lighting products that are able to attach directly onto fences and walls, or in and around garden lawns and pathways. Solar powered wall lights are an excellent option for garden walls at the edges of the property's area. However you choose to assemble the lighting, it will be able to bring about a confident feeling of security and safeness in and around the building and its exterior.

You should always make sure that the installed perimeter lights are regularly checked and assessed. As with all internal and external lighting systems, they should be easy to access and maintain. In this way, you'll be able to experience confidence in your overall lighting security systems.