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Vanity Lights, Makeup Lights, Mirror Lights

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Vanity lights, Mirror Lights

Vanity lights (also called bathroom lights, makeup lights and hollywood lights) are light fixtures installed above or alongside a mirror to provide additional, excellent and flattering illumination - most often for bathrooms or bedrooms. Lighting Style provides a large variety of online vanity lights, both LED and fluorescent.

Tips for Vanity Lights, Makeup Lights and Mirror Lights:

  • Visit a showroom or search online for some creative ideas to give you a starting point of how to design your bathroom lighting, and which vanity light is right for you.
  • It is critical to make sure you place your vanity lights in the appropriate location. For vanity lights on the side of your mirror, the guideline is to mount your lights about 71 cm (28 inches) apart and at least 152 cm (60 inches) from the floor. This will place the brightest part of light on the center of your face. If the vanity light is on top of the mirror, it should be at least 2m (78 inches) above the floor.
  • Consider using a dimmer switch.
  • Make sure the vanity lighting is quite bright - a common mistake is to have it too dim. Bright lights are particularly important for applying makeup and shaving.
  • Remember that having bright vanity lighting in a small space can overwhelm the bathroom or bedroom, and cause it to be over-lit. Consider having other light sources in the room to offset this.
  • The most common place to put bathroom vanity lighting is one directly above the mirror, but this might not suit your room as it can cause the lower half of the room to be lit poorly and lead to the appearance of sunken eyes and wrinkles. To avoid this consider having two sources of light - this may mean a vanity light with a number of globes, or vanity lights above and on the sides.
  • Asymmetrical lighting is another mistake. Placing a vanity light on one side of your mirror will create uneven lighting.

Types of vanity lights:

  • Multi lights: these are an array of lights arranged on a single lighting fixture.
  • Spot lights: these are classic spot lights that cast a sharp, focused beam of light.
  • Picture lights: these are broad, long light tubes parallel to the wall, which are extended from the wall by an arm.
  • Tube lights: these are flush-mounted broad, long light tubes parallel to the wall.