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Bedside Lamps, Bedside Table Lamps

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Bedside Lamps & Bedside Table Lamps

Bedside lamps are indoor lighting fixtures that are placed near the bed for ambient illumination, studying, reading, working, writing or simply as a decorative piece.Bedside table lamps are lighting fixtures placed beside beds.

Tips on bedside lamps and bedside table lamps:

  • Determine in advance how much light you need and ensure that the lamp your choose is appropriate.
  • A bedside lamp with an adjustable or flexible arm gives you manipulation, extension and angling.
  • Remember that effective lighting is best done via layering, which means coordinating your bedside lamp with other types of lighting such as floor lamps, downlights and natural light.
  • Use your bedside lamps for effect! This means choosing one that makes a statement and looks great in the room.
  • By using appropriate bedside lamps, you can reduce the overhead lighting of the room, thereby giving your home a much softer feel.
  • For a normal sized bedroom, a LED bedside lamp with a movable arm and a classic look is perfect.

Types of bedside lamps and bedside table lamps:

  • Classic Bedside Lamps: these are the classically shaped lamp, with an upright base and a bell shade.
  • Buffet Bedside Lamps: these are similar to the classic lamp, but have a narrower base.
  • Torchiere Bedside Lamps: these are tall, upright lamps with a bowl-shaped fixture at the top.
  • Swing arm Bedside Lamps: these have a single arm that can be twisted around one point, and moved around.
  • Gooseneck Bedside Lamps: these have a flexible neck to get the best lighting position.
  • Adjustable Bedside Lamps: these can bend their arm at two or more points.
  • Clip-on Bedside Lamps: these clip on to the surface they are on.