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Outdoor Step Lights

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Step Lights

Step lights (also known as stair lights) are outdoor lighting fixtures that provide illumination, safety and security for climbing steps and other uneven surfaces at night.

Tips on step lights:

  • If you have a very narrow stairway then a single light in the centre of each riser may be sufficient.
  • If the step has a wide expanse, for example the step on a decking. then you will need a number of lights along the step to properly light it.
  • Be particularly careful with lighting long, low steps as these are easily tripped over at night.
  • For a dramatic and simple effect, consider putting the step lights alongside the step instead of on it. This might be a lot cheaper as well, particularly if your step is already installed.
  • Use the shadows that step lights cast to your advantage - these will be beautiful at night and enhance your home.

Types of step lights:

  • Eyelid step lights: these protrude out of the step slightly, and have an eyelid shape covering over the light.
  • Recessed step lights: these are built into the step, so it looks like the light is coming directly up.