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Deck Lights, Ground Lights, Patio Lights

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Deck, Ground and Patio Lights

Deck lights (also known as patio lights) are outdoor lighting fixtures that provide illumination, safety and security for your decking, patio and pool area. Your deck will be the most used outdoor area in your home, so good lighting is critical.

Tips on deck, ground and patio lighting:

  • Deck lighting should be a combination of various lights (some shining up, some down) for best illumination and effect.
  • Focus deck and patio lights on high traffic areas and steps to make them safer at night.
  • Create a great atmosphere - you and your guests should feel that being on your deck is a party every time!
  • Combine deck lights with outdoor floodlights and step lights.
  • Make sure your deck lights are not shining into people's eyes - so plan ahead and work out where they will most likely to be sitting.
  • Ensure that your deck lights are not blazing into your neighbors' yard.

Types of deck lights:

  • Step lights: these are built into or around steps for easy access and safety.
  • In-ground lights: these are recessed into the deck, providing up-lighting.
  • Downlights: these are recessed into the outdoor ceiling, and shine down onto the deck.